The extinction of the rainbow

The extinction of the rainbow

By Carlos Fermín

With the passage of time, the eyes of the Human Beings began to discover that illusions were capable of bringing out the beauty hidden in the majesty of the Universe. There is no doubt that Aboriginal man learned to pay tribute to this genuine natural manifestation, through: rituals, stories and fables that awakened peace, wisdom and love. They were in charge of transforming the rainbow into the son of the rain, into the divine messenger, into the servant of the Sun, into the dress of the Great Spirit, into a sacred celestial bridge, into a gigantic feathered serpent, and into the life force that reconnects the mind and body with the creation of the stars.

Playing with destiny, the coldness of the Scientific Man would arrive, who would describe it as an optical and meteorological phenomenon, generated by the refraction or reflection of sunlight in sprayed water. Hence, the rainbow causes the appearance of a continuous spectrum of light frequencies in the sky. The need for knowledge that the science revolution brought with it would make it an overwhelming object of study, a geographic statistic, an angle of measurement, and a simple home experiment. Without realizing it, we were losing the ability to be amazed by the mysterious flashes of Gaia that stood out in the sky, and we chose to drown it in the walls of a pre-fabricated test tube.

After the secret of the deities was revealed, the ruthless Modern Man would arrive, who thought that the rainbow was a very ridiculous, boring and annoying visual distraction to appreciate with the naked eye, so he used an arsenal of industrialization to obscure its glow and lash out. against the blessed will of the cosmos. In addition, by not being able to privatize it and exploit it to get money from it, it dedicated itself to fiercely fading each of the seven colors that illuminated it, leaving its light in a black and white portrait that heads the pages of the environmental crime perpetrated in the century XXI.

The first color that was sacrificed for the social irrationality that we live daily is symbolized by the passionate Red that adorned the initial curvature of our beautiful rainbow. Now, red represents the blood of all animal abuse that punishes fauna species on a global scale. Cruelty against animals is a serious problem that has been taking hold of the New Millennium, reflecting the typical aggressiveness of men and women who take advantage of the innocence of the most defenseless.

Between the physical damage to pets that occurs in family homes, the bloody bullfights and macabre bullfighting events, the profitable cock and dog fights that take place in hiding, the abuse of circuses that disrespect the rights of the animals, and the lucrative illegal trade in exotic specimens that wraps them in merchandise, in the leather of an expensive Italian vest or in the main dish of a restaurant. Each one of the tears of blood that the rainbow flows, expresses the lack of values, anarchy and the wild instinct of Human Beings.

For example, in the month of June 2014, a disgusting man was arrested at the Ignacio Agramonte international airport in Cuba, for having sewn 66 hummingbirds inside his pants and placing adhesive tape on the beaks, to prevent them from making noise and discovering himself the unimaginable crime he was committing. The criminal wanted to smuggle them illegally, and sell them in the North American market. It is very sad to appreciate how there are unscrupulous people who, by filling their pockets with blood, are capable of putting species of birds, reptiles, mammals and amphibians in danger of extinction, who live a true ordeal in the face of the always threat of hunters, who armed With the cowardice of their shotguns, they are destroying the stillness of the biodiversity that lies in the forests, jungles and jungles.

The second color that was erased from the horizon is the warm Orange that shone in the second curve of the precious rainbow. Now, orange signifies the fatal decline of ecological balance, due to the constant increase in the global average temperature of the earth's atmosphere and the oceans. It is alarming that the variation of the climate due to Climate Change and Global Warming, is causing drought, desertification, the melting of glaciers and the death of the ancient ecosystems that surround us. It is known that the retention of toxic gases on planet Earth is caused by companies after burning fossil fuels and producing a series of chemicals that accumulate in the form of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide).

Recently, it was confirmed that the meteorological phenomenon "El Niño" will have a negative impact in the fourth quarter of 2014 and in the first months of 2015. Unfortunately, Latin American countries will suffer the environmental consequences of the instabilities of the marine currents, that will affect crops, livestock and soil fertility. The rain deficit and the increase in wind chill are expected to hit Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia hard. The problem generates incalculable monetary losses for the agricultural sector, and causes dehydration, fatigue and fainting in people.

The third annihilated color of the panorama, alludes to the showy Yellow that shone in the third curve of the distant rainbow. Now, yellow shows the abuse of electricity consumption by the use of artificial light sources, which amplify the great day and night pollution of the planet.

The use of incandescent bulbs to light urban and industrial areas is an inconvenience that is increased by the continuous saturation of the electrical system, by leaving technological equipment and electrical appliances on, such as: the computer, the television, the washing machine, the stove, the microwave. , the video game console and the freezer. All that electrical waste produces the light pollution that continues to extinguish the natural light of the rainbow.

On June 24, 2014, the International Day against Electromagnetic Pollution was celebrated, an ecological date that seeks to create social awareness about the harmful effects on health, generated by low and high frequency electromagnetic fields to which they are exposed. individuals. We see that the telecommunications sector in industrialized and developing countries, installs high voltage lines and places high voltage transformers, in open geographic spaces very close to hamlets, residences and towns where the community lives. In turn, the perverse desire to improve the wireless signal reception in mobile devices, and therefore, create greater marketing in the sale of cell phones with WIFI technology, fosters the great communication infrastructure that does not think about side effects of the electropolution.

The fourth color that was muddied by the oppressive hand of Man, is exemplified by the lush Green that supported the fourth curvature of our woody rainbow. Now, green represents the abysmal deforestation due to the indiscriminate felling of trees throughout the world. The ax and the chainsaw are responsible for devouring the millions of hectares that they find in their path, to achieve the expansion of the agricultural frontier, poison the land with transgenic seeds, poison the harvest with the fruit of drug trafficking, and obtain the wood that It will be the raw material in the creation of products for mass use. It hurts us that the rainbow lost its green grass, which was the only clear path to safeguard human existence on the planet.

It is regrettable to know that the transgenic cultivation of soybeans and corn will take over the Paraguayan Chaco, whose region has one of the highest rates of global deforestation, and in which every day the wooded area is being reduced due to free will that exists in its interior . Everyone knows the dangerous disadvantages of the production and consumption of transgenic foods, ranging from genetic malformations, liver damage and even the death of people. More and more countries are banning the sale of US toxic substances, and trying to rescue food security for the population, through the organic and responsible cultivation of vegetables, cereals and legumes.

The fifth color that was drowned out by terrestrial barbarism, is personified by the peaceful Blue that navigated the fifth curvature of the rainbow. Now, blue embodies the water pollution seen in the rivers, lakes and seas of planet Earth. The deterioration in the quality of the vital liquid is the result of a systematic alteration of the bodies of fresh and salt water, due to the inexhaustible oil spills, the industrial waste that transnational companies discharge, and the gigantic nets of the fishing boats that violate the integrity of ecosystems.

It is a very corrosive process for marine life, which does not find a refuge of light in the face of so much environmental perversion.

In this sense, Ecuador has become a world reference in cases of hydrocarbon spills, since each year a large number of oil accidents occur due to breakages of valves, pipes and underwater hoses, which spoil the natural resources of the environment. In June 2014, more than 500 barrels of oil were spilled in the Pacific, off the town of Esmeraldas in Ecuadorian territory. The aforementioned environmental crime was the continuation of the 5,000 barrels of crude that in 2013 had already contaminated an agricultural and livestock area in the coastal province of Esmeraldas. The worst thing is that the latent ecological crisis puts protected green areas at risk, such as the Yasuní National Park, which was declared a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco.

The sixth color that was ruined by the orb, is interpreted by the Indigo warrior who traveled the sixth curve of the once rainbow. Now, indigo shows all the organic and inorganic garbage produced by human activity, which litters the creeks, gullies and natural drains, which are very necessary to drain rainwater and prevent floods, landslides and a sanitary emergency in the cities that we host. However, the absence of environmental education in the discernment of the people, added to the generalized rejection of practicing the Culture of Recycling, dangerously contribute to the destruction of ecosystems, which become the open-air dumps preferred by the communities, to deposit without any remorse the waste that accumulates in their homes.

For this reason, the global lack of control over the collection and final destination of domestic and industrial waste is a problem that escapes reason and takes refuge in the depths of ecocide. Let us remember that between March and April 2014, they desperately searched for a little black box in the Indian Ocean, and what they found were tons of garbage floating in the tragic waters of environmental violence. Let's not forget that there is also the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch”, which boasts extremely high amounts of suspended plastic and mud, measuring around 700 thousand square kilometers. This enormous scourge ends with native marine species, which pay for the broken plates of the iniquitous way of life of Humanity.

The seventh color that was bludgeoned by contemporary madness, is suffered by the extravagant violet, which sang in the seventh bend of the extinct rainbow. Now, the violet reflects all the visual pollution to which we are exposed, by the exaggerated advertising blitz seen on television, on the radio and on the Web. We are imprisoned in a terrible communicational scenario, full of commercial brands that want to sell us anything they invent, without thinking about the emotional reaction they produce in users. The purchase and sale of goods and services that the beastly modern consumerism encourages, is undermining conservation efforts for the benefit of the Environment, since natural resources are always exploited and made profitable, but the collateral damage of these ecological abuses is never considered.

When we go out, it is common to see a large number of banners, illuminated signs, posters, banners and other propaganda material, to force civil society to vote in favor of a candidate in Sunday's elections, or buy that huge television that plays programs in high definition. In order to achieve this, visual messages invade the places most frequented by citizens (squares, parks, avenues and vehicular bridges). What generates discord is that to mount all that media apparatus, the environmental conditions that the environment externalizes are violated. It is common for heritage trees to be cut down, portions of urban vegetation incinerated, and even long-standing buildings collapse, for the petty whim of favoring the economic interests of the private sector.

The environmental destruction was so great that Human Beings ended up blind in the hell of stray bullets. The seven colors of the rainbow on planet Earth, were transformed into the seven sins committed by Humanity. There is no way to return the hands of the clock, and rescue the passionate red, the warm Orange, the showy Yellow, the lush Green, the peaceful Blue, the warrior Indigo and the extravagant Violet. Now that the end of the story has come, we have to cross our fingers and look up to the sky, searching for a fortuitous miracle that the eyes of a child dare to discover.


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