Scientifically proven: Meditation, the most effective healing method

Scientifically proven: Meditation, the most effective healing method

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By Sebastián Poblete N.

If I told you that there is a tool capable of recovering the physical, mental and emotional health of every human being, effectively and permanently, would you believe me? If I told you that it also allows you to increase your levels of personal confidence, passion for living, mental clarity, and improve your ability to achieve your goals and objectives, would you believe me? If I also told you that this tool can be developed by anyone and for free and unlimited, and that everything is scientifically proven, would you believe me?

Well believe me. This tool is meditation.

But what is meditation?

Meditation is a technique that, when properly developed and used, leads the being to deep states of relaxation, which has been proven to have strong healing properties.

How is this tool so effective?

First, we must know that every human being has the potential to create, love, dream, create a desired life. Many cases have been studied of how resilience, which is a property that we can all develop, allowed people to completely change their lifestyle; or how the passion and clarity of others created social revolutions that changed the history of art, science, technology, religion, science, politics, or economics.

That potential is present in every human being, but unfortunately experiences, thoughts, emotions occur that undermine this genius that we all carry within, relegating our actions from how we face life, according to the place that each one believes they have in it.

What has been proven is that all that stress that we live, product of fear, anger, anguish, anxiety, jealousy and any feeling that made us or makes us feel bad, has a powerful effect on our being.

Stressed cells

Physically, the stress experienced is stored and accumulated in the cells of our body, producing different degrees of alteration, both physical, mental and emotional.

On a physical level, it produces changes in the functioning of the immune system, in charge of maintaining the health of the body, reaching the point of producing a large number of diseases. This basically occurs because the accumulated stress causes the cells of the body to close and do not receive the necessary nutrients, the toxins of the cell do not leave the cell proper to its functioning, and it does not communicate correctly with other important cells. When the accumulated stress reaches a certain level, the disease occurs.

At the level of the brain, stress causes less blood to flow to the frontal lobe, which is responsible for forming creative thoughts. With this, the individual is less effective in finding new solutions in their day to day, reinforcing harmful patterns, which causes the neural connections associated with facing challenges to be reaffirmed, focusing attention on the problem and not on the solution, generating states of dependence and resistance to change, preferring to stay in their comfort zone.

On an emotional level, it can produce a feeling of reluctance, heaviness, monotony, or of constantly fighting, to the point of being with anxiety or anguish, until falling into states of depression.

Also, because the physical, mental and emotional systems are interconnected, stress, if not treated correctly, generates its own system in which it feeds itself.

To understand this interconnection, let's look at the example of how personal trust is generated, which is the basis for daring to face the constant changes necessary to achieve a better standard of living. First, for this sensation to occur effectively, there must be the neural connection in the brain associated with which we are going to be able to meet the challenge.

This, in turn, triggers the command to the adrenal gland, which must be working properly, to secrete adrenaline and noradrenaline - which are the chemicals responsible for producing a sense of personal confidence - at the correct intensity.

If in this process we have an association that things will not work out, or the pituitary gland, hypothalamus or adrenal gland are not working optimally, this emotion will not be generated correctly, reinforcing that we will not be able to achieve it. producing more stress.

The Liberation

Let's get back to the question, how is meditation so effective?

Each of these parts involved in the proper functioning of the immune system, responsible for health; the limbic and endocrine systems, responsible for memory, attention, creativity and emotions, at their base, are a set of cells.

Our body is a large community made up of 50 trillion cells, the smallest living particle that human beings have.

All this restrictive emotional load that we receive from childhood is stored in cells, altering the great potential that every human being has.

What correct meditation does is induce the brain to states of relaxation, which are called alpha, theta or delta states, achieving that for the period that we are in a meditative state, we change our mood to greater peace and tranquility, and therefore itself, the environment of all the cells of the body is also permeated with this emotion.

What science has proven is that in this correct meditative state, stored stress is released, as the body's cell reopens to its environment, receives the necessary nutrients, toxins inside are released and communicates correctly again with other cells.

This prolonged practice normalizes the correct functioning of the being on a physical, mental and emotional level, as a result of the fact that the cells operate correctly again.

Why do I emphasize correct meditation?

Many people today are engaged in meditation and / or yoga, but not with the appropriate intensity and frequency.

The brain, which is what one must control to achieve deep meditation, is a muscle that must be trained. Meditation is the same as going to the gym; you need to go steadily and acquire new habits to get results. If we do it once a week for 2 hours, and nothing in the remaining 6 days, we will not obtain the powerful results that this practice delivers. This, like all great change, is discipline and perseverance.

Another mistake that is usually made is that people give themselves space to meditate but do not carry this practice to their day to day. What meditation seeks in the first instance is to train the mind to become aware of itself, to be able to notice when we are under the influence of fear, rage, anguish, anxiety or any other restrictive emotion, already that this is what we must heal, these restrictive memories that are in our memory, in our cells.

This is the importance of the habit of self-observation, which is to integrate meditation to be aware of ourselves, and to be able to identify when emotions are invading us in our day-to-day life, because if we are not conscious and act through them, We re-feed this emotion, those memories, negatively charging our being, undermining the way we face life.

These reactions are what generate all the evils that exist in today's society, a product of fears and insecurities that life itself has left us, such as traces, marks and unhealed wounds that we are shaping in our life and society.

Enhance our life

In my book The Habit of Self-observation, I seek to explain why we are the way we are and how our internal machinery works, and I deliver a series of exercises to heal these wounds and enhance our life, since we are all an important piece of this great planetary society , with something to contribute beyond just having a good time.

If society incorporated this habit of observing ourselves and we were to meet again with the great love that we carry within, life would no longer be the same. There would be political, economic, social and cultural integration, we would work for a united cause for the well-being of all and not just of a few. We would be able to make better decisions aligned with our dreams and not derailed by our fears.

The reason for my project is human awakening, awakening to understand that it is in each one of us, in you, in me, in each one to contribute with one more grain, make a difference with love, cultivate courage, believe in dreams, to be an agent of integration in any field in which each one develops.

It is daring to dream, trust in life and that if we act out of love we will be rewarded. I say this with fundamentals, since since I started on this path, my life has been a constant learning adventure that has led me to be happier each time, to live with meaning. It is only about delivering value, reaching people, and little by little material things will arrive.

What would my final proposal be?

Meditate, meditate, meditate ... observe yourself. Clean every corner of shadow in your interior and observe it, give it awareness, give it love, dare to live your dream and life will give you more and more. Dare to wake up!

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