The Helsinki Plan: In 10 years your citizens will not need a car

The Helsinki Plan: In 10 years your citizens will not need a car

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By Paulina Lordmendez

One of the comforts of having your own car is that you can carry more things with you than taking public transport becomes more difficult and cumbersome, but the public transport system proposed by the city of Helsinki goes much further, integrating systems of its own public transport network, shared bikes, driverless cars, ferries, taxis, etc.

This plan is aimed at a society that is increasingly committed to the environment and very little interested in owning a car. With a public transport service in which you can choose the route that is best for you and similar to what you would do with your car, you have the same advantages but with a much lower environmental cost.

One of the biggest challenges of this plan will be to set prices that are affordable for the majority of citizens and not only for those who can buy a smartphone, since some of the current services can be more expensive than a simple bus trip but more cheaper than traveling by taxi.

It would have to be defined if it will be a plan for the entire population or only for those with greater purchasing power.

Not only would Helsinki benefit from this plan, it is thought that it can also be effective in other municipalities such as Espoo and Vantaa, but thanks to the traffic conditions in the Finnish capital, it is necessary to find some viable ways of doing something to move better to citizens with an excellent level of service. It is clear that the city is not going to run out of cars as many people use them to go to their summer houses in more remote places, but traffic congestion and pollution levels can be reduced most of the days and it is encouraging know that a city is proposing a real plan to achieve it.

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