El Salvador rejects pressure to buy Monsanto seed

El Salvador rejects pressure to buy Monsanto seed

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The US government made the disbursement of a monetary donation to El Salvador conditional on the purchase of seed for its agricultural programs from transnational companies such as Monsanto, something that has been repudiated by peasant organizations.

The delivery of a donation of 277 million dollars by the United States destined for the development of the Salvadoran Coastal-Marine Zone is subject to the Government of El Salvador granting equality in the purchase of seeds, both to companies nationals and foreigners.

A decree promoted by former president Mauricio Funes, defined that the purchase of seeds for agricultural use should only be made to national producers, something that was denounced by the North American country.

For farmers and environmental organizations, participation in the certified seed market of transnational companies such as Monsanto would mean a severe blow to national agricultural production.

The investment of the Salvadoran Government for the purchase of agricultural inputs amounts to 80 million and benefits more than 70,000 families.

Vladimir Chamorro, San Salvador.

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