FAO calls for reducing food waste

FAO calls for reducing food waste

By Roxana Larios

FAO presented the report Food Losses and Waste in Latin America, which indicates that 1.3 billion tons are lost in the world annually, of which 6% comes from Latin America and the Caribbean.

"That food would serve to feed 47 million hungry people in those countries," the document says.

Raúl Benítez, FAO regional representative, said: “Every year the region loses around 15% of its available food, which impacts the sustainability of food systems, reduces local availability, generates lower income for producers and increases prices to the final consumer ”.

The expert added that the region must face the problem, "it must become a priority for governments," he added.

The study adds that losses in Latin America occur throughout the chain, 28% occur at the consumer level, 28% at the production level, 17% in the market and distribution, 22% during handling and storage and 6% in processing.

In countries such as the Bahamas, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Belize and Colombia, the greatest losses occur at the retail level, that is, in supermarkets, free fairs and warehouses.

It is estimated that what is lost in these places could feed 64% of those who suffer from hunger in the region.

Food Bank

Food banks operate in countries like Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Argentina, which the study proposes as a solution.

Alexandra Rogozinski, representative of the Food Bank of Guatemala, explained that a month they provide support to 58 thousand families.

40 companies are affiliated with the national food bank that carry perishable and non-perishable products that are about to expire, thus avoiding losses.

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