SUGAR, poison of the world elite to control the masses

SUGAR, poison of the world elite to control the masses

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Many people, who in its different variants choose a healthy diet designed in a reasonable way, when they interact with people who eat an average diet based on refined and industrialized foods, they feel that they are dealing with slow, somewhat silly people. And indeed, we can affirm that this dullness of the nervous system and dysfunctional brains has an explanation. largely, in the exaggerated consumption of sugar.
And of course, the addict will defend his addiction. And as today the vast majority are, including the doctor, the nutritionist and the scientist (who in the latter case usually avoid sugar like the plague but addiction manifests itself to the flow of money that the industry provides, which takes more work cure), the crazy ones we end up being us and they, very doctors in science and with strong endorsement, continue to pester their toxic "truths".
Sugar is not necessary in any quantity, much less for children, and we can do without it without any inconvenience and many benefits. As is clear from this documentary.
Of course, this information is essential for obese people, with triglycerides or other deteriorated health conditions, and in that sense we have proposed a detox, living and alkaline approach in the book "Medicalimentos y Vitanutrientes" (Tetrahedron), but it is mandatory for those who you have a predisposition to suffer from diabetes, a disease that today is a global pandemic; In "Stop Diabetes" (Grijalbo) we have established a complete and effective program to prevent and cure this disease.
Let's be aware of this pest in our food! And for sure, the Universe will express itself with a Universe of Blessings so that well-being is fully expressed in your life!
Paul of the Church

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