Oatmeal water and its benefits

Oatmeal water and its benefits

From the poaceae or grass family of plants, oats are characterized by their thick stem and reticular roots. This cereal is rich in silicon, a mineral that increases urine production and allows the reduction of uric acid in the body.

Oatmeal also helps decrease anxiety and hunger. Oatmeal water is recommended for the treatment of diseases that require the dissolution of mucus, for example coughs and bronchitis.

It is purifying: thanks to the large amount of amino acids it contains, it stimulates the production of lecithin in the liver, favoring the complete purification of toxins from the body. Consuming oatmeal is good for cleaning the walls of the arteries, since the fiber is "sweeping" the fat deposits that accumulate in them and that can cause many heart problems, cholesterol, among others.

Helps control blood sugar levels - this is great news for those with diabetes. Undoubtedly they have to add it to their diet, to improve the digestion of starch and keep the blood glucose level stable, especially after eating.

Improves digestion; If you have problems when you have lunch or dinner, oatmeal helps reduce bile acids, in turn facilitating intestinal transit and preventing constipation. Being rich in slow-absorbing carbohydrates they keep you feeling full for more hours, being a good alternative for those who are dieting, because it takes away the desire to eat all the time.

It has proteins of great value: in total there are 8 essential amino acids in oats, which make it a source of proteins of great biological value. This quality allows to form new tissues in the body.

It is anti-cancer: there are several studies that have been carried out in the United States on the properties of oats as a weapon of protection against cancer, an increasingly common disease in this country and in many others. This is due to the phytochemicals it contains. It is therefore advisable to consume oatmeal every day, to reduce the possibility of suffering from breast or colon cancer by more than 10%.

How do you prepare?

The first thing is to boil two tablespoons of this cereal in a liter of water.

Boil for five minutes and then proceed to filter.

A natural way to sweeten it is with honey, which can be added until the desired taste is obtained.

It can be taken at any time of the day and to begin to feel the benefits, two glasses a day are recommended.

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