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Kidney for sale

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By Juan Torres López

Experts from the World Health Organization have denounced numerous times that there are many towns, especially in Southeast Asia, where 90% of the population has only one kidney because the other has sold it to organized gangs to be transplanted to wealthy people from rich countries.

That same organization estimates that one in 10 transplants performed in the world is done with organs obtained illegally, generally through coercion and deceit of all kinds and always taking advantage of the misery of those who offer them.

The shortage of donors in some rich countries, such as Israel especially, means that many people are willing to spend between $ 150,000 and $ 200,000 for a kidney for which many times not even $ 2,000 is paid to whoever sells it.

A criminal traffic that has not been able to stop even despite the toughening of the law in that country, which has even prohibited insurers from taking care of transplants outside of Israel. Or despite the fact that some large healthcare company like Netcare Ltd. has pleaded guilty to allowing transplants with kidneys bought in Brazil or Romania in their hospitals. The states that are mostly involved in this trafficking are known and it is logical to think that it cannot be carried out without the collaboration of hospitals and surgeons, but even so, such shame and the police from all over the world are not eradicated, despite having partial successes, they are powerless.

It is one more global business with which it happens more or less the same as with the one dedicated to trafficking in people. There seems to be no way around it. Between 40,000 and 50,000 people enter Spain every year and 500,000 in Europe (the vast majority young women and also many children) to be sexually or labor enslaved.

A business of buying and selling people that the Ombudsman estimates that in Spain moves about 1,825 million euros per year and that worldwide has become the most profitable clandestine activity after arms trafficking and ahead of distribution of drugs.

It is impressive to see that at the time when each and every one of our mail or telephone messages is recorded, when governments can listen to anything we say and when it is possible to locate which farm a drop of milk or egg yolk comes from is not possible to end these horrendous crimes.

What a sad world of ours, where commerce, merchandise and profit, selfishness and the unscrupulous search for self-satisfaction can more than any other political or moral force.

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