Fukushima rice passes radiation checks for the first time since disaster

Fukushima rice passes radiation checks for the first time since disaster

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Rice from Japan's Fukushima prefecture has passed radiation tests for the first time since the 2011 nuclear disaster, which sparked international alarm over the region's products, according to official sources.

Tsuneaki Oonami, a member of the provincial government, has detailed that around 360,000 tons of rice, that is, practically all of last year's collection, has been tested without the production having exceeded the one hundred becquerels per kilo established as a limit by the authorities.

"The cases of rice that have not passed our analyzes have been declining rapidly over the past three years, indicating that we are taking appropriate action," said Oonami, who heads the department that oversees the rice plantations in Fukushima. Fukushima farmers and fishermen were the hardest hit by the nuclear disaster caused by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that struck the country's northwest coast in March 2011 due to restrictions on exports and sales.



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