Give Box. Share what you no longer use

Give Box. Share what you no longer use

The Give Box project started in Germany and is already famous not only there in Germany, but in many European cities.

There are many forms of Give Box, from the typical neighborhoods to exchange objects in the community, to on public roads such as the one placed next to the Madre de Dios convent in LogroƱo, as you can see in the image, taking advantage of an egg on the facade.

The most common or widespread are usually in the form of cabinets and are placed on public roads.

Also, in schools or universities, the areas for sharing books are expanding. There are even websites that operate with a similar concept such as No lo tira, a website that we already talked about in Ecoinventos back in 2008. They all share the philosophy we are talking about, an economy not based on economic exchange, but in the donation.

A concept that seeks and promotes sustainability, saving resources, helps to strengthen personal relationships and create neighborhood spirit through a consumption that has little to do with what we know based fundamentally on property.


Video: Running Away from the Box: Take it Seriously! (June 2021).