The incalculable value of Colombia's wetlands

The incalculable value of Colombia's wetlands

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Soler is manager of the Spanish consultancy Limonium, which supervises the environmental management plan for the Los Patos wetland, located in Tocancipá, a municipality located 20 kilometers north of Bogotá. Colombia has six wetlands of the 2,000 that make up the list of the Ramsar Convention, adopted in the Iranian city of the same name in 1971 to promote “the conservation and wise use of wetlands through local and national actions and thanks to cooperation international".

The biodiversity of wetlands in paramos, swamps, mountains and savannas in Colombia is of "incalculable value in providing fishing, water and environmental regulation services," assured Efe Soler, an agronomist from the University of Lleida.

Colombia joined the Ramsar Convention in 1998 when it selected the estuary delta system of the Magdalena River (north), and later registered the Otún lagoon (center) wetland complex, the Baudo river delta (west), the La lagoon Cocha (southwest), the Chingaza lake system (center) and the Estrella Fluvial Inírida wetlands in the Orinoquía (east).

The six areas registered by Colombia in the Ramsar Convention, of which 168 countries are part, total 741,525 hectares.

According to Soler, the selection of these wetlands is made "due to the international relevance they have in the contribution of species and processes in the ecosystem, as well as by the number of migrant birds or by housing populations of species of aquatic birds or endemic fish" .

The specialist emphasized that Colombia will have more wetlands on this list, since there are areas in the country of great value in flora and fauna that are not found in other parts of the region and the world. Regarding his work in the Los Patos wetland, he explained that it is a sponsorship plan of the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Cundinamarca (CAR), and the Mayor's Office of Tocancipá, with the support of the multinational Femsa Coca Cola for the preservation of that land "where migratory birds arrive from North America"

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