A Mexican creates ecological public lights with PET

A Mexican creates ecological public lights with PET

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Today, Mexico is the main consumer of soft drinks and bottled water in the world, therefore, it is also a large consumer of PET. At the same time, according to the Ecoce A.C. organization, Mexico is the world leader in PET recycling with more than 248 thousand tons per year, however, the above is precarious in relation to the total consumption of the material.

For this reason, and as a way to attract attention and to prosecute other uses of PET, the Mexican entrepreneur Moisés Venegas Samperio has created a project to create ecological public lights in marginalized areas made from this material.

PET is the base material of the light, but it is also made with other recycled products, the name of the invention is Firefly:

“It will use recycled materials, it is ecological and uses state-of-the-art led technology that provides very efficient lighting, as well as working with solar panels. The advantage of using renewable energy is that it will give us autonomy in the product and it will provide a very ecological part. It is a totally new, non-commercial design; if we look for a patent, there isn't one ”, assured the specialist for Conacyt.

The spotlight has photovoltaic cells that recharge, thanks to the fact that the PET allows daylight to pass through and thereby obtain energy for the night.

“What is initially sought is to reach places where conditions are difficult and there is no connectivity at all; We identified communities in the states of Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Veracruz and Guerrero, with high rates of marginalization, ”explained the specialist.

These types of initiatives are ideal for places where there is no type of wiring connection, which are usually the most marginalized. It is an option that can be very viable for thousands of people in the world. In addition, the use of recyclable materials in the case of Firefly proves how some that seemed not so resistant can serve in the long term efficiently. For now, Moisés Venegas Samperio and his company Aselus will install the first Fireflies in the Ajusco area in the Federal District.

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