Portuguese create efficient garden system for urban farmers

Portuguese create efficient garden system for urban farmers

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Noocity Urban Ecology, a company that seeks ecological and efficient solutions for urban agriculture, presents Noocity Growbed - an efficient urban garden system, with automatic irrigation and fertilization. No sensors, no cables, no mobile apps.

The concept was developed by a team of Portuguese, passionate about agriculture, permaculture, architecture and design. The result is an easy-to-assemble, low-maintenance system with room to grow fruits, vegetables, medicinal herbs, anywhere.

Noocity Growbed is a grow bed, with soil for sowing, an irrigation system and a compost area. Every given time, water is added through a tube, which is stored in panels - hence the crop takes the water as it needs it.

The central container, where the food is deposited, contains worms to produce vermicompost, an excellent quality fertilizer that provides nutrients to the soil. Food-processing worms can move in and out of compost, filling the soil with nutrients. In the meantime, we can take advantage of the compost for the top.

Noocity Growbed has a great advantage, the same one offered by systems with mobile applications: autonomy. In this case, the garden is maintained for up to 3 weeks, being able to regulate the consumption of water efficiently and the distribution of fertilizer rich in enzymes and nutrients.

The system has been proven to reduce water loss through evaporation or drainage, thus consuming 80% less water than a conventional crop - again, no cables, sensors, mobiles, nothing.

Another fascinating feature is the ability to organize different beds in a specific area, such as individual modules or small growing islands. You can start with a bed and, little by little, expand your garden.

For now, Noocity Growbed needs the support of the international community to grow and start its large-scale production. That is why they are launching their campaign on Indiegogo, so that we can collaborate with a small contribution and, if we want to, take advantage of the introductory prices - which start at € 100 if you take advantage of the early bird promotion, limited to 150 people.

A great system that allows urban agriculture to be more efficient, no matter how much space or time we have. The truth is, I would like to have one.

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