Too much sun can make us nervous, depressed and psychotic

Too much sun can make us nervous, depressed and psychotic

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By Mª José Navarro

In recent years, and perhaps in recent decades, the radiation and intensity of the sun have become much more intense. This is also seen in the significant increase in cases of skin cancer. The reason is that the ozone layer, which is the protective layer of the Earth against this intense solar radiation and against ultraviolet rays, is decreasing, so that the skin not only suffers a burn in isolation, but also burns in yes the information of everything that falls on her. The consequences of this "irresponsibility" towards ourselves have been warned for years by dermatologists. In fact, skin diseases have increased dramatically in recent years.

But for years information and warnings have also been coming from other sources. For example, through the prophecy for the present time we know that “during noon the magnetic currents drive more solar particles to Earth. These not only penetrate the planet, but also human beings, because they are part of the Earth. Conscious absorption of this energy carrier is advisable only when the person is not directly exposed to intense solar radiation. The midday heat is not good for human nerves, because the excess of solar particles can produce, under certain circumstances, a great restlessness and the tension of the nervous system. Causing a ballast effect that burdens the thyroid gland in the human body, which in turn produces different alterations in the human organism.

Based on this message, it is clear that not only the skin is subjected to an exaggerated sun exposure that tans us, but that there is collateral damage barely perceptible to the naked eye. One of the best known consequences is skin cancer, but not the only one. The nervous system of the human being is affected, with which the person can become more nervous, excitable, depressive and even psychotic. The well-known sunstrokes that produce a headache, fever and excitability at first glance, can have consequences that science is gradually learning about, but that more than 25 years ago were already noticed through the manifestations given by the spiritual world.

Although it is true that light encourages us in some way, and that it is even recommended in low doses for the fixation of vitamin D, in extreme situations of exaggerated exposure and when the sun radiates with intensity, precautions must be taken. A study carried out in Bavaria (Germany) shows that there has been a 10% increase in ultraviolet radiation, which is not only harmful for people, but also for plants and naturally also for animals .

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