A healing hug from the soul

A healing hug from the soul

The solution to problems does not always have to be so complicated. Sometimes the solution is in the little things!

This is a German short film that won a short film festival in Europe. It is titled "Hug": Duration: 4.06 minutes. Year: 2004

It has a very important reflective component. The power of the hug is one of the most lacking demonstrations of love in the personal life of every human being. His energy and strength radiate in every subsequent act and thought. And more energy of this kind, conciliatory, undoubtedly leads to better Understanding of the other, in the hope of helping to dispel the fear and mistrust that make the world a very hostile place to live.

To think that only the power of a hug can help the world to better understand and balance itself may seem naive, but we don't know. As the story in the video puts it, perhaps if we embraced every day all those who are largely driving the destiny of countries and the world, surely something would radically change forever.

Many times, the one who most seems to want to isolate himself from the rest and / or impose his will arbitrarily and mercilessly, is the one who is deep down desperately asking someone to teach him to love the other, including here the idea of ​​first being able to accept and love himself himself and later value others.

The system that we have sustained for hundreds of years has left us exhausted, unhappy, angry, dissatisfied, but the love force of a few can expand and spread, making a difference to all. Now is the time to believe in our love for each other, because today is already a priority for our survival.

Video: 528Hz Positive Energy. The Frequency Of Love - Healing Miracle Frequency. Soul Soothing Meditation (June 2021).