Luciérnaga, the ecological focus created in Mexico

Luciérnaga, the ecological focus created in Mexico

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Luciérnaga is the name of the creation of the agricultural mechanical engineer and researcher Moisés Venegas Samperio, who works on a project for public lighting for marginalized areas.

According to a statement from Conacyt, the initiative is an ecological focus that uses renewable energies and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) as base material, and which will be implemented in the coming months in some communities of Ajusco, in the south of Mexico City.

The ecological focus is an initiative of Aselus, a company founded in 2010 by Venegas Samperio himself in conjunction with his four brothers.

“We wanted to develop a project in which PET could be used, because we realized that there was a lot of garbage and waste; We decided to take advantage of that garbage and give it new life. Furthermore, our main purpose is to be able to bring lighting to areas where this service is not available and to help improve people's quality of life, ”Venegas said in an interview with Conacyt.

With the patent pending, the green spotlight is a versatile product because it can be used in the same way as an ordinary spotlight: install it, turn it on and off in the home, and also place it as a public light. In addition, it is shaped like a firefly, hence its name.

“It will use recycled materials, it is ecological and uses state-of-the-art led technology that provides very efficient lighting, as well as working with solar panels. The advantage of using renewable energy is that it will give us autonomy in the product and it will provide a very ecological part. It is a totally new, non-commercial design; if we look for a patent, there is none ”, mentioned the specialist.


According to the Conacyt information agency, the light works as a skylight because its design is in the shape of a translucent bottle that allows natural light to pass through during the day, while rechargeable batteries are filled by means of photovoltaic cells to take advantage of the energy generated that turn on a led lamp at night.

“What is initially sought is to reach places where conditions are difficult and there is no connectivity at all; We identified communities in the states of Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Veracruz and Guerrero, with high rates of marginalization, ”explained the specialist.

The first installation will be carried out in the coming months in the Ajusco area, in the Federal District, with the financing of an international association that brings electricity to developing countries. The consortium promotes the use of recycled PET bottles to illuminate houses and they were interested in Luciérnaga's design, because it is novel and very accessible, according to the researcher.
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