Friends of the Earth urges "legal changes" in favor of community energy

Friends of the Earth urges

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"Fossil fuels are one of the causes of environmental and social problems," insisted in this statement Alejandro González, head of the association's climate and energy area, who is committed to "a local model of renewable electricity generation."

Friends of the Earth demands "the eradication of policies that involve the use of fossil fuels, considering them responsible for the environmental and social crisis that we are experiencing in the world" and that "put in the spotlight the industrialized societies that are in the origin of energy poverty, climate change and the destruction of local communities ”.

González believes that the use of coal, gas and oil "represents a source of unhealthy and poorly paid work", in addition to the fact that the extraction of these resources "is a direct source of environmental contamination and destruction of the communities' livelihood affected ”.

For this reason, it proposes the creation of a European legal framework "that puts energy sources in the hands of the people" based on examples such as the document prepared by the organization of environmental lawyers Client Earth for the Community Energy project.

This document includes renewable options that, in his opinion, "are already a competitive reality that is developing rapidly in terms of management capacity and performance.

The legal regulations to be developed in community energy, according to Friends of the Earth, should include models “that facilitate citizen participation in the production and consumption of renewable energies in addition to guaranteeing the effective intervention of society and the obligation of the administration to promote this type of project ”.


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