Nature speaks to us. Conservation International (CI)

Nature speaks to us. Conservation International (CI)

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The organization Conservation International (CI) has published a series of videos entitled "Nature Speaks to Us" in which Hollywood actors such as Penelope Cruz, Julia Roberts or Ian Sommerhalder give voice to elements of nature such as water, forests or trees. corals. These videos remind us that nature does not depend on people, it is people who depend on nature.

In a press release introducing the campaign, Peter Seligmann, Executive Chairman of Conservation International, stated:

The future of nature is our future. Through climate change, for example, nature is speaking to us, here and now. Some 400,000 people in New York recently demonstrated that how we proceed will determine our future. The message is clear: nature does not need people, it is people who need nature.

Lee Clow, Creative Director of TBWA Worldwide, an advertising agency that collaborated with Conservation International on the campaign, also said:

We believed that giving a voice to nature, which has been on Earth for billions of years longer than humans, would help us realize that the evolution of the planet will take its course, with or without us. It is our choice. In this video, Penelope Cruz gives voice to water; and in the following Edward Norton is the ground (Spanish subtitles included in all videos).

Video: Nature Is Speaking: Julia Roberts is Mother Nature - 大自然在說話: 茱莉亞羅拔絲聲演大自然. 保護國際基金會 (June 2022).


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