The tax on the sun is an insult to 'Marca España'

The tax on the sun is an insult to 'Marca España'

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The conservation organization WWF has demanded the Government to eliminate the tax on the sun and to promote a change in the energy model that is based on renewable energy, saving and energy efficiency.

The NGO denounces that, as shown by the ‘Electricity Observatory’ in June, CO2 emissions have risen 6.06 percent.

For this reason, he insists that the fight against climate change "will only be achieved by betting on a change in the energy model based on renewable energy, energy saving and efficiency" and demands that the Government bet on self-consumption and distributed generation as key tools for reach a sustainable and 100 renewable future.

In this sense, he recalled that this also means abandoning "immediately" the subsidies for fossil fuels. In addition, the NGO has presented allegations to the Draft Royal Decree on Self-Consumption and has expressed its rejection of the regulations on the grounds that there are impediments to its development in Spain.

The head of the WWF Spain Climate and Energy Program, Raquel García, has stated that energy self-consumption with renewable energies is viable "both technically and economically" and contributes to a change in the energy model, while allowing the development of smart cities and fight energy poverty, while democratizing access to energy. In his opinion, Spain should not miss this opportunity for technological development, competitiveness, generation of quality employment and empowerment of citizens with a regulation that puts obstacles, charges and administrative impediments to the use of solar energy in our homes. '

Specifically, among WWF's main demands are to allow self-consumption with a net balance, eliminate the charge for "self-consumption" of own energy, offer the option of making self-consumption compatible with the voluntary price for small consumers (PVPC) and the social bonus for fight against energy poverty, allow energy storage with batteries, allow the sale of surpluses and comply with the guidelines of the European Directives.

In the Electric Observatory of June, the thermal power plants of cabrón covered 26.8 percent of the demand, the nuclear energy 18.6 percent; 13.6 percent of wind energy, 10.3 percent, hydraulic energy and 9 percent of demand has been covered with combined gas and coal cycles.

The NGO warns of the "very considerable" rebound in coal, which in June was the first in the electricity mix, 1.3 percent more than in June 2014.

This month there has also been a considerable increase in total CO2 emissions compared to the same month of June 2014, when they have gone from 5.82 million tons of CO2 to 6.199 million tons of CO2, a 6 , 06 percent to the same month of 2014.


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