Thailand: scientists reveal that Bangkok sinks more than 10 centimeters every year

Thailand: scientists reveal that Bangkok sinks more than 10 centimeters every year

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The collapse of Bangkok due to the clay soil on which the city sits is an old warning from scientists that has failed to stop the construction of skyscrapers and shopping malls in the city, Global Post reports.

The authorities of the capital recall that measures to stop the collapse of the city include limiting the uncontrolled construction of buildings in areas prone to flooding and the construction of drainage channels around Chao Phraya, the country's main river. , which flows from the northern mountainous region to the Gulf of Thailand near Bangkok.

Bangkok was once called "the Venice of the East" due to the extensive canal system that allows getting around the city. However, both the Thai capital and the Italian city could disappear in the coming decades, according to Anond Snidvongs, one of Thailand's best specialists in natural disasters. "I'm more concerned about Bangkok's resemblance to Atlantis," he said.

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