A group of architecture students build a house with only recycled office supplies

A group of architecture students build a house with only recycled office supplies

The school's sports hall, empty, disused and converted into a large warehouse for furniture and other waste materials from the school, was the germ of the idea. A multitude of old tables, chairs, wooden and cork boards, boxes and old metal cupboards, had been stored for a long time on the sports court, covered in dust and without any known purpose. These elements became the raw material used by the students to build their home.

In this way, and complementing the furniture stored there with simple office supplies such as rolls of printer paper, adhesive tape, staplers, rope and cardboard, they found that they had everything they needed to bring their home to reality.

The distribution of the house was drawn on the ground with white adhesive tape, as a guide for its construction. Later, tables were used, with their board arranged vertically, to constitute the exterior walls of the house. A rope framework constituted the ceiling, and the conceptualized furniture was made with pallets, cushions from other areas of the school and cardboard. Façade lattices were made with wooden plates left over from the school's digital fabrication workshop. The entire assembly was assembled and joined by reducing the joining pieces to simple anchors that could be performed using rope, duct tape, and office staples.

Thus, this group of students saw the design of the house in which they had been working on paper for months returned to life. And all this at zero economic cost, thanks to the recycling of the elements available to them and the adaptation of their project to the available means and tools. A whole lesson in sustainable architecture.

This group of architecture students, made up of the HísCali team together with colleagues from the University of Santiago de Cali, now take their design, the Aura Project, to Solar Decathlon Latin America and the Caribbean 2015, the most relevant sustainable architecture competition in the world. the university environment, with the intention of rebuilding their home, this time with professional equipment and materials.

Until then, the prototype made with recycled office materials continues to be enriched every day, incorporating small improvements. It is possible to visit it and participate in its development in the sports hall of the Technical School of Architecture of Seville.


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