After reading this, you will no longer drink a glass of water that you left all night by your bedside

After reading this, you will no longer drink a glass of water that you left all night by your bedside

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After a long sleep session, when the body uses its water reserves to stay hydrated, it is best to drink a glass of water almost when you wake up. To do this, before getting up, we just stretch our arm towards the bedside table and drink the glass of water that, preventively, we put in the night before. However, have you noticed that this water has a different taste?

According to Dr. Kellogg Schwab, director of the Johns Hopkins University Water Institute, this glass of water that is left in the open at room temperature, undergoes a process of invasion of microorganisms throughout the night. Although the treated water contains chlorine that controls the presence of these small communities, at room temperature they begin to multiply rapidly. So regardless of whether it is clean water or a clean glass, you are drinking a mixture of germs in that colorless liquid. Not to mention the ambient dust that could fall into the glass during those hours.

However, this is not the only thing that causes the party of germs inhabiting our glass of water (or that it has a slightly less refreshing taste). We could say that one of the main factors is carbon dioxide: after twelve hours without having covered the water, the water begins to mix with the carbon dioxide in the air, which causes its pH to decrease and, consequently, its flavor. . It's still drinkable though (save for the germs swimming in our morning drink).

As for plastic water bottles that are left in the sun in a car, the ideal is to stay away from them. Plastic bottles contain BPA (the toxic chemical that interrupts the optimal functioning of hormones), which is released in the heat of the sun. This means that even if you wash and reuse it, the BPA continues in the structure of the bottle, causing strong health consequences.


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