SALt: The lamp that lights only with water and salt

SALt: The lamp that lights only with water and salt

Filipinos Aisa and Raphael Mijeno are the creators of the incredible project. It is a lamp that has an autonomy of 8 hours and that only needs a glass of water and two tablespoons of table salt (sodium chloride) to work. The name of the device is SALt (for its acronym in English Sustainable Alternative Lighting, 'Sustainable Alternative Lighting' in Spanish) and it is designed to reach areas where access to electricity is difficult in addition to its ecological qualities, reports the official site SALt.

SALt uses galvanic cell technology, but instead of using electrolytes for its operation, it uses sodium chloride. Another novelty is that the device could work with seawater, which makes its use easier and more accessible. And to continue surprising us, it is capable of working as a USB charger for mobile devices, says the portal Fayer Wayer.

The idea arose in response to the problem that afflicts 7,000 islands in the Philippines, where the only solution was to use kerosene lamps and in the long term this could have a negative impact on the environment, not to mention the danger they represent.

SALt is not yet for sale but it is estimated that it will be launched in 2016. Meanwhile the creators will test 600 units in different Philippine islands to measure their quality and functionality.

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