8 Tips for a more ecological handling of your car

8 Tips for a more ecological handling of your car

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1. Inflate the tires

Low inflation tires increase fuel consumption by up to 3 percent, and are more likely to blow out and cause an accident. You should also choose to buy tires that offer better mileage.

Warning: Always check the recommended tire pressure and don't over inflate them!

2. Travel light

Taking out anything you don't need in your vehicle to reduce weight, improve your fuel consumption and reduce emissions.

3. Plan your trip

Consolidate your laps or errands into a single large trip instead of several smaller ones. For example, take the children to school and then stop by the supermarket. Talk to your friends and family to combine trips or errands.

4. Plan your time

Try not to drive during rush hours, when traffic congestion is most likely to keep you on the road longer.

5. Don't idle

Idle is when you do not step on the accelerator of the vehicle and it stays at minimum revolutions to keep the engine running without stopping. A vehicle idling emits 80 percent more pollution than one that is moving! By turning off the vehicle's engine and restarting it, you use less fuel than idling for more than 30 seconds.

6. Slow down

It uses a quarter less fuel at 50 mph than at 70 mph. It is better for fuel efficiency to drive at the speed limit than to exceed it.

7. Stand firm

Avoid strong acceleration and heavy braking, which increases fuel consumption. On the road, use cruise control (and overdrive, if you have it)

8. Don't abuse the air conditioning

Use your vehicle's air conditioning and other electrical appliances only when necessary. They can use up to 10 percent more fuel.

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