5 surprising facts you did not know about plastic bags

5 surprising facts you did not know about plastic bags

Look at this attractive Yo Reciclo campaign that seeks to encourage the reuse and recycling of plastic bags:

And here are 5 facts you probably didn't know about plastic bags:

1. Plastic bags are 100% recyclable!

Plastic bags are not a waste, but a resource. By recycling the bags, thousands of other products can be created that have plastic as a raw material. When you want to throw away a bag, be sure to take it to a recycling point.

2. What can be done with them?

With your recycled grocery bags you can make drink lids, balls, dolls, buckets, combs, trash cans, flower pots, boxes and much more. So give a new life to your bags through recycling!

3. Grocery bags are not free

When they give you a bag in the trade they never give it to you for free. They actually charge you on the other products you pay for, but the cost of the bag is not transparent. Since you are paying for it, demand good quality bags that you can reuse later.

4. Germs can't get through plastic

Therefore, you can store your food in plastic bags and they will be protected from these microorganisms. If you also refrigerate them inside the bag, they will keep for much longer. For example, cucumber can keep up to 14 days if you refrigerate it wrapped in a plastic bag.

5. The material

The bags that they give you at the supermarket are made of the same material that IV bags and surgical supplies are made from. They are not toxic, as many think. Therefore, you can wash and reuse them to store whatever you want.

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