The time of pollution

The time of pollution

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By Carlos Ruperto Fermín

The glaucoma suffered by the eyes of our beloved Pachamama, worsens with the best photograph of those broken dreams, which portray the great environmental destruction immortalized by the greed of Humanity. Our demonic peripheral vision always blurs the drama that natural resources show, in the face of the flow of intolerance that dictates the anti-conservationist path of Modern Society.

The long-lived heavy artillery of the transnationals stimulates the pleasure of annihilating the ecosystems in America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

Languages ​​may be poisonous, but the diaphragm always opens the door to global ecocide. We accentuate a highly toxic lifestyle, to achieve the green peace of the Universe. We are false poets shipwrecked at sea, until the ocean of Poseidon is freed from the acids of Barbarossa.

The story of blood against Mother Earth, is written with a billion capitalist pirates, who imagined finding the foreign treasure map, hidden in the depths of Atlantis.

In the midst of the stormy naval battle, the pirates allied themselves with the forces of Leviathan, Kraken, Hydra of Lerna and Mákara. The sea monsters foretold the fatal fate of the undines, who could not escape the implacable hook in the hands of Cain.

Asking heaven for a favorable wind, the storm of the pirates continued to eat away the hope of the most innocent. The crying of the child reflected the fear of the grandfather. A drop of wisdom with a pardon of roses, would end the martyrdom of the seraphim, cherubim and thrones.

But the power struggle that was born from the umbilical cord did not have enough courage to appease the pain of the young Haitians. We devastate the smile of the sacred mulatto, sailing at dawn without an ecologically sustainable course. We remain stuck in the genocidal tears of Uncle Sam, who never tires of buying, selling and trading his multicultural slaves.

That army of industrialized slaves, remains quiet and obedient in the comfort of their homes, watching trash television, drinking beers, and reproducing the transgenic seed of living for living. It is environmental irresponsibility at its peak.

There is no carbon footprint that justifies the great sheep, carried by the human race of the XXI century. The hands on the ethereal clock of time continue to trust that we will travel their ancestral Camino de Santiago. Therefore, every day they give us 24 hours, 1,440 minutes and 86,400 seconds, so that we wake up from the consumerist nightmare of ecocide, and we can walk without fear through the enchanted journey of Gaia.

However, an indifferent blink was responsible for aggravating the environmental panorama, which shakes the foundations of the colossal planet Earth. We only see men and women full of resentment, selfishness and ignorance, completely refusing to stop the bull by the horns, and return a little sand to the salt shaker. For this reason, the bitter ecological experience that cries aloud cannot be reversed with the simplicity of a prosodic accent.

It requires the will, commitment and holistic strength, to shout our confusion around the four cardinal points. It is not an easy task to be listened to, because money always chokes in the throat of the weakest, and if those weak do not digest the corporate sadism of the almighty God Money, then indigestion will continue to magnify the strong environmental damage of the orb.

In order to alleviate the scars of Pachamama, we believe that Environmental Education is the key to escaping the universal holocaust. Whether recycling organic and inorganic materials, reducing electricity consumption or saving liters of drinking water, it is extremely important to rescue the basic notions that conservationism points out.

To the extent that we are aware of the duties and rights that planet Earth awaits, we will have the great ecological value instilled in our lives, and thus we will be able to share the knowledge acquired with family, friends, colleagues and neighbors, who make up the community where we live.

But the inevitable question arises, who is willing to receive and share the great ecological value?

Could it be the people who cannot live without taking a selfie with their cell phone? Will it be the people who invent a perfect life through Facebook? Will it be the illiterate people who will never read our opinion piece? Although it pains us to admit it, the World is full of idiotic people who pretend not to know how to read or write, when they are forced to meditate and preserve the riches of the Earth. They are lazy to reactivate the neurons in their brains, and think a little about the well-being of the planet. They procreate one, two and three biological children, to pay tribute to the great social pressure, but they never reflect on the present and the future of polluted cities, which with great bad luck will receive their sick offspring. This is how our World works. Today for me, tomorrow I don't care.

It is not possible to eradicate the smell of spiritual misery until the soldiers of the capitalist army regain the saving grace of life.

The day they breathe again, dream again and think again, they will be able to understand that the biodegradation of Mother Earth is an irreversible process worldwide. They say that black holes hear but do not listen.

The same dilemma occurs with the discernment of Humanity. His extreme perversion against the laws of Nature, continues to block glaucoma from its own self-destruction.

Today, space junk is known to rise at a dangerously fast rate.

It is no coincidence that space debris has already exceeded 16,000 debris, which is found orbiting the mysterious earthly borders, thanks to the explosive warfare of satellites, rockets, and hungry dark matter. We have always wondered why the Earth is the only planet in the solar system that harbors life?

The balance of life on Earth includes more than 5,000 mammals, 10,000 birds, 29,000 fish, 950,000 insects, 300,000 plants and 8,000 reptiles, which only represent a portion of the millions of species discovered and undiscovered.

The unusual thing is that in Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Mercury, the verified balance of life offers a laconic 0. There is not a flying mosquito, nor a germinating flower, nor a spider weaving its web. A new question: Why was the distribution of life such an unfair raffle in our galaxy? On Earth there are plenty of flora and fauna hearts, but on the other planets nothing is throbbing at all.

Although we were blessed by the Milky Way, the technological savagery created by the attention deficit suffered by the Human Being, keeps us imprisoned within an existential void full of wireless networks, electromagnetism and light radiation, which sooner or later will complicate the magical synchrony and sidereal love between the Sun and the Moon.

If a third party breaks into the relationship of two, the trust, respect and security of the couple is put at risk. If the third party only wants to ruin the infinite love of that couple, then it will be necessary to guard the brightness of the stars of the Cosmos.

It is very difficult to guard the brightness of those stars, because we always finance the Anglo-Saxon dust from the supernova. We insult each other, we violate each other, and we kill ourselves. Sometimes we daydream fleeing from planet Earth in a hurry, so that the sincerity of our genuine prose, does NOT continue to be drilled by all the mediocrity that they sell us daily.

That mediocrity tends to get sticky, vicious, and religious. It knows no limits.

Conformity can never break the silence of its parents, but it can always salinize fresh water, spread the human immunodeficiency virus, burst eardrums with exhaust smoke, discolor the light of the majestic rainbow, oppress the trill of the Autumn birds, the lonely breeze on Alcatraz wanes, and seize the unknown.

They say that after the storm calm always comes, but what to do when what comes is much more storm on the horizon.

It is unfortunate to know that the first quarter of 2015 was the hottest period on Earth since 1880. It is chilling to know that there are more than 5 billion plastic particles, stealing the electric blue from the unplugged oceans.

It is outrageous to know that the global concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere exceeded 400 parts per million during the month of March 2015, being a terrible record that shows the lack of control in the emission of greenhouse gases. The temperature increases, the hangover of polymers, and the burning of fossil fuels.

Drought periods, forest fires, and soil desertification are increasing.

Increase consumerism, safaris and capitalism. Arctic thaw, lion extinction, and obituary pages increase.

Envy, vacilón and impunity increase. Coups d'état, curfews, and mental slavery are increasing.

However, the parade of ecocide is sharpening on the trails of Latin America. A beautiful region consecrated by the gods of Olympus, but massacred by the gorillas with ticket that abound from north to south.

The result of the tragic foreign invasion, the vagrancy of the governments of the day, and the classic illiteracy of the people, is paid for with a series of latent socio-environmental problems that reverberate in all Latin American territories.

The problem faced by all Latin American countries is a really thorny issue, prohibited and avoided. It is the most unpopular of the ecocides committed on a daily basis. A taboo that always receives 0 like, 0 tweet, 0 share, 0 visits and 0 responses. Nobody likes to follow it, nobody shares it and nobody makes it viral. Today we dare to reveal it.

The problem is called GARBAGE.

The great major drawback of the Latin American nations, which all try to minimize in tiny little letters. We know that it is a sin to write about the scourge of garbage, but each year we produce more than 200 million tons of solid waste, which ends up polluting the streets, beaches, rivers, lakes, parks, squares, forests and the roads of Vespucci.

It is obvious that the stinky sun cannot be covered with a simple finger. We recently read the inspiring story of "Copito", the first dog to be proclaimed "honorary garbage collector" in Chile, and who with his meritorious reflective vest covering his fur, is dedicated to walking the streets of Purranque together with municipal officials , with the sole purpose of collecting the mountains of garbage thrown by Chileans.

We wondered with amazement, why if a dog learned to take care of the Environment, Human Beings are unable to collect garbage and promote the Culture of Recycling? Could it be that Copito is much more intelligent than us? Why is it so difficult to be empathetic to the health of planet Earth?

Garbage bites and spreads in the routes of Colón. And we not only cover solid waste, but also the mental pollution shown by some patients. We have the sad case of Jadson James Franca, a garbage collector in Brazil who ran over, dragged and dumped a stray dog, inside the compactor truck of the toilet.

The puppy arrived with broken legs and dying to the landfill, where he finally died from the criminal injuries he received, with total treachery from Rio de Janeiro. It is a real calamity that in the XXI century, “pack animals” such as horses, mules and donkeys continue to be used to carry out garbage collection in various Latin American towns.

There are many so-called “cart drivers” who physically mistreat mammals, taking advantage of the fact that the damn governments wash their hands, and facilitate urbanized ecological neglect. It is clear that we idolize with garbage, the fortuitous miracle of life.

Let's reflect a little on the environmental crisis we are suffering. Mrs. María needed to take out the garbage, but since the urban cleaning truck did not arrive at her house, she decided to dump the three bottles of Coca-Cola, in the vacant lot located in front of the house.

She did not know that she was being observed by her neighbor Mr. Juan, who also approached the field, and discarded the cartons of eggs that he bought yesterday at the supermarket. While this situation was going on, Patricia, the daughter of the butcher Astolfo, passed in front of the field, and took the opportunity to throw the cans of mayonnaise, her nephew's dirty diapers, and the batteries for the remote control.

When Patricia was leaving the famous land, her friend Pablo came desperately, and asked her to help him burn all the old newspapers collected in his house.

In the blink of an eye, we saw that María, Juan, Patricia, and Pablo built their own open-air garbage dump. Full of flies, worms, rats and methane. Afterwards, it is expected that the donkeys and the horses of the destitution, finish sanctifying the kilometer-long rondalla of agglomerated garbage. This is how the supreme victory of citizen environmental unconsciousness is demonstrated. If people continue to throw garbage in the streets, we should travel to San Nicolás de los Garza (Mexico), so that with a huge sign on the street, and with a chest of shame that says “Detained for pig”, it is publicly displayed the face, the name and the impudence of any person, who relapses with the bad disposal of waste in Aztec public spaces.

An expensive but successful environmental strategy, which attacks the vain ego of civil society.

The first victim of the reprimand was Jaime Antonio Molina Martínez, who is already famous in Nuevo León for his spectacular full-color sign, which symbolizes his filthy apathy to the detriment of the environment, and the lack of conservationism suffered by Latin American citizens.

If the individuals who contribute to the accumulation of garbage in their localities, are judged as offenders or criminals before the law, it is very likely that they are inhibited from polluting the natural landscapes in their surroundings, for fear of being the talk of the gossip they consume the crowd.

We believe that the ecological initiative in San Nicolás de los Garza is an example worthy of praise in Latin America, since it was understood that environmental abuses committed in the streets are crimes that must be convicted in flagrante delicto, seeking to promptly prosecute those involved, pondering the sense of belonging, and improving the healthy coexistence of the community.

They say that there are no positive signs of change on planet Earth, because Ecology does not generate multi-million dollar contracts for the Devil's pockets. But if we use creativity, motivation and solidarity, we will surely defeat the false prophets and their false aphorisms.

We will continue to denounce the environmental barbarism of the 21st century, and we will pray that sunflowers never suffer from torticollis.


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