Days off for those who go to work by bicycle by law in Brazil

Days off for those who go to work by bicycle by law in Brazil

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To be entitled to this benefit, proposed by the state attorney Rafael Ribeiro Nogueira, officials must park their bicycles inside the District Attorney's Office building and sign a statement, which is then sent to the coordination for the assignment of the working day . The bill is simple: 15 days of cycling, 1 off. To accommodate cyclists, the building now has changing rooms so that officials can shower and change clothes before starting work.

Although positive, the initiative has caused some controversy, since many of the civil servants who live far from their places of work - which makes cycling to work more complicated than using public transport to get around, are negatively affected by not being able to be benefited by this measure.

They are thinking of extending the measure to other states in Brazil.


Video: Senate Session No. 41 February 1, 2021 (June 2022).


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