What changes will tonight's powerful Eclipse and the Blood Moon bring?

What changes will tonight's powerful Eclipse and the Blood Moon bring?

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By Pilar Villicaña

To understand all this a little better:
Harvest Moon or Harvest Moon: The full moon closest to the Spring / Autumn Equinox (depending on the hemisphere you are in and is usually a powerful time of change and new beginnings.
Super moon: When the moon is closer to the earth due to its rotation and orbit. This is usually a time when the energetic effects of the moon and emotions are running high and feeling stronger.
Blood Moon: When the earth casts a shadow on the Moon causing sunlight to hit the moon and make it look red. The term is also used to describe four total lunar eclipses.

Throughout history, every four Blood Moon Eclipses often signify far-reaching changes, ends, and beginnings. Although lunar eclipses are quite frequent, a series of four blood moons is very rare and is something that has not been repeated since 1967.

In order to truly understand the meaning of this Blood Moon in your life, you need to go back in time and reconstruct what was happening in the first Blood Moon eclipse.

Blood Moon Eclipse # 1
On April 14 and 15, 2014 we began the first of the Blood Moon Eclipses in the sign of Libra. This eclipse was all about relationships and breakup patterns. It was also about helping to restore balance in relationships and the gateway to a deeper understanding of unconditional love and harmony.

Blood Moon Eclipse # 2
On October 7 and 8, 2014 we had the second eclipse in the sign of Aries. This was all about new beginnings, taking action and fending for yourself. This eclipse would have helped many to find their way and open up to a new way of being.

Blood Moon Eclipse # 3
On April 4, 2015 we had the third eclipse of the sign of Libra. Once again the issues surrounding relationships, self love and associations were brought to our attention and old beliefs and patterns related to the theme of love spilled out.

Blood Moon Eclipse # 4
This is the end of the Eclipse era and it will fall in Aries on September 27-28, 2015.

Looking back in time, you have surely started to feel the changes for several weeks, which will now have to come to an end or resolution. It is possible that you have also felt strong changes in the last months since energetically this last Blood Moon will open a door that will give rise to a new way of being, a new Earth, which is greater in consciousness and more evolved.

To reach this stage, the road is hard, there will be VERY strong tests that will practically force us to put the ego aside, as well as all the obsolete ways of thinking that no longer belong to this era. It is time for you to become aware and start living a full and happy life as you deserve.

During this time there is also an increased sensitivity and perhaps even a greater understanding of the spirit world and metaphysics. Remember that this Eclipse comes as a gateway to a new world in which we are all going to have a deeper understanding of humanity, our purpose and what life is all about. Many believe that our solar system as we know it is entering a new area of ​​space and time and that through this change we will all be experiencing openness to new energies and realities. This change is very powerful and will undoubtedly lead to a new way of being and thinking. Each individual will live the just and necessary experiences for their evolution, we are all different, so all the tests will be different, always just what YOU need. It is likely that you have already begun to feel and see these changes in your own life, perhaps you have already started to change some behaviors and attitudes or you feel the need to do it as soon as possible. Now is when you realize that a certain way of being no longer works.

The message for everyone is to dive deep into our being with these changes. To be proud and firm about what we want and to put aside the hindrances of the mind and the ego. Get close to your soul and nurture that small inner flame, let your inner wisdom guide you, it will show you the true path.

Part of this change will open up the Universe and you will feel the deepest connections that surround us.

Part of these changes are really about you and aligning yourself on the higher path for your destiny.

There is absolutely nothing to fear, there is absolutely nothing to worry about, in fact, in order to embrace these new energies here are some suggestions:
Open your heart
This eclipse is really about learning how to open your heart, feeling yourself in a place where you can have the freedom to receive and give love. Opening your heart to this energy will also allow you to really receive the new vibrations, frequencies and discharges that will be present.
With all the energy circulating, it is now very important for all of us to protect our body as well as our mind from any fear-based thinking. This includes fear about the events that are expected to happen.
The energies of the last few weeks have been heavy (you are surely going through very strong trials in your life) so definitely take the time to assess your situation and honor where you are. If you feel trapped, well it is exactly where it has to be, embrace the situation, do not force, for now is definitely the time to let yourself flow.
If there's something that has been bothering you, something that you feel is time to let go, now is definitely the time to get real with yourself about what you really want to take with you into your new life.

In this next Eclipse, many endings will occur. It is important to remind you, as I mentioned in my previous post, changes don't just happen.

Many of us may want to avoid changes altogether because it feels uncomfortable to examine ourselves deeply. It is uncomfortable and even painful to assume our inconsiderate and selfish acts. It is painful to get rid of outdated patterns and useless thoughts. However, by acknowledging our selfishness and the harm we have done to others (whether intentional or not), we open ourselves to deep spiritual transformation and many blessings.

We must get the job done. Simply put, we cannot transform without reflection, we must act. In personal development there are NO DAYS OFF, it is an EVERY day job. Nothing will happen by magic if you don't put your hands to work.

When we come forward and are honest about our actions, we receive enough Light to help us achieve great things.

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