Eight antioxidant foods to stay young forever

Eight antioxidant foods to stay young forever

Eating foods rich in antioxidants is good for your health, but why? Antioxidants are molecules that slow or prevent the oxidation of other molecules. Eating foods that contain them prevents certain diseases and the aging of our body.

Incorporate these eight foods into your diet to stay healthy:

1- Beans

It is one of the foods with the most antioxidant properties since it contains many of these molecules and is also a natural source of fibers. It is suggested to consume red beans, which are the ones with the highest amount of antioxidants and can be eaten in salads, soup, stew or pasta.

2- Forest fruits

IIncludes strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, besides being a very rich fruit, they help prevent many diseases. Despite the fact that blueberries are small, they have many health benefits as they increase cognitive abilities and improve the immune system. Strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries are great sources of antioxidants as well. A delicious way to eat these fruits is accompanied by yogurt.

3- Bitter chocolate

Dark chocolate is a source of antioxidants and can also lower blood pressure. Anyway, chocolate should be consumed in moderation, 20 to 30 grams daily is what is recommended. Beware: milk chocolate and white chocolate do not have the same properties as bitter.


This fruit contains the essential vitamins and powerful antioxidants that make it an ideal snack, especially the red ones. The apple can be consumed alone or prepared in a fruit salad, as a smoothie or even in apple pie.


They have many essential antioxidants and vitamins for the body. This vegetable can be eaten in salads, cakes or tortillas or it can even be put as a different and healthy "taste" on pizzas.


This tuber is one of those forbidden when trying to lose weight due to the amount of starch it has, however they have antioxidants that are important for the body.

7- Carrots

There are many reasons to eat carrots and one of them is that they contain beta-carotene which helps the body produce vitamin A and fight cancer. Carrots are also good for improving eyesight.

8- Grapes

Especially the red ones with which red wine is made are a source of antioxidants. Wine, consumed in moderation, is a fundamental source of polyphenols and flavonoids that are good for heart health.

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