Together we can cool the planet!

Together we can cool the planet!

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Together we can cool the planet! from GRAIN on Vimeo.

For many years, La Via Campesina and GRAIN have been denouncing how the agro-industrial food system is responsible for half of the greenhouse gas emissions. However, the governments of the world do not assume to face these problems in depth and we are reaching the Summit to be held in Paris in December without effective commitments to do so.

This new video by La Via Campesina and GRAIN provides the necessary elements to understand how this agro-industrial food system is impacting our climate and at the same time it tells us how we can act to change course and begin to cool the planet. And this is a challenge for all of us!

From the American continent, Asia, Europe and Africa, we have been denouncing the false solutions for climate change represented by transgenic crops, the green economy and “climate-smart agriculture”. We say loud and strong: it is the peasants, the small and the small producers who, together with the consumers who choose agro-ecological products from local markets, who have the solution to the climate crisis. Such is the message that we will take to the XXI Climate Conference in Paris, next December. Join this fight! I shared this video!

Video: Mumford u0026 Sons - Mumford u0026 Sons and National Geographic Present: The Wild (June 2022).


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