Radioactive graveyards compromise the future of Earth

Radioactive graveyards compromise the future of Earth

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By Ana Sáez Ramirez

If we had to choose the most accurate saying to define the current situation regarding the production of radioactive energy and the formula chosen to store its waste, it would undoubtedly be the one that says: "Eyes that do not see, heart that does not feel." Dumping steel drums into the oceans is by no means a safe landfill, and deposits dug deep in the earth are not either, as the gases that would accumulate would cause rocks to explode. And sending it into space, as some point out, denotes without a doubt that you have no idea how to solve this problem.

The long-term dangers to humanity are somewhat unpredictable. If today someone claims that these facilities are clean, they mean that CO2 emissions are low, of course compared to a coal production plant. Yet the real dangers of nuclear power production are swept under the rug.

There is no definitive deposit for radioactive fuels. There are interim storage locations, but no final storage locations. In other words, it is not known what to do with such an amount of radioactivity. In the North Atlantic, an area of ​​about 700 square kilometers was demarcated as a deposit for nuclear waste, which was used until 1982. Most of the radioactive waste comes from Great Britain, with more than one hundred thousand containers, of which The United States with 34,000 and Switzerland with 7,400, with Swiss garbage being the most dangerous. In addition, thousands of containers with radioactive waste were dumped into the North Sea, 9000 calcined nuclear fuel rods, more than 100 atomic submarines, warships etc.

In the book «Origin and formation of diseases», published by the Universal Life publishing house, which was published almost 30 years ago, we can find what the prophecy says about the present time, given through Gabriele de Würzburg. There we find the following paragraph: «By an accident, atomic weapons and atomic reactors were built. Polluted cooling water from atomic reactors flows into lakes and rivers, then into the sea. The end result is unprecedented contamination of the entire Earth: plants and animals die, or animals change their genes and plants change their characteristics. The water turns into a swamp and the garbage piles into incubators of so-called harmful parasites, viruses and bacteria. The diseases of the coming time will be based for the most part on radioactive damage that will be attributed to atomic pollution of the air, land, lakes, rivers and seas. The same food and everything that the human being ingests, also medicines and natural medicines will be contaminated with the passage of time. The new era will begin with the purification of the Earth, because it in all its areas will be dirty and contaminated by radioactivity. Everything will be renewed. The furnaces of the Earth are the seas that are heated due to atomic irradiation. The Earth is the cooking plate of the seas. She will make many things boil. Volcanic activity will increase and the polar caps will melt. '

Once again the warnings from the divine world were ignored, even at the time this book was published there was laughter and ridicule about them. Nowadays, however, they make more sense than ever, since what has been said becomes a reality and the same scientists confirm what at that time many did not want to believe.

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