How to make a planter with capillary irrigation

How to make a planter with capillary irrigation

A water reservoir at the bottom of the planter so that plants can draw water from there is a good way to save a little water. There is no surface water so very little is lost through evaporation, the system has minimal losses. Therefore, it uses much less water than traditional gardening and watering.

In the following video you will find all the instructions to make it yourself. It is a very simple experiment if you want to go one step further from hydroponics but staying in sustainable cultivation.

This system will allow your plants to obtain the adequate amount of water they need to stay hydrated and healthy, and we will also constantly save water.

By capillarity, the water is distributed through the micro-air spaces that remain between the soil or substrate particles. The water is retained there until the roots of the plants find it, being absorbed by some hairs that they have, which are responsible for fulfilling this absorption mission. Capillarity is the natural principle by which water circulates through the soil of our fields and forests and nourishes all the plants on earth.


Video: 120rs dripdrop irrigation (August 2021).