How to make your own roof tiles, with aluminum cans

How to make your own roof tiles, with aluminum cans

Maybe you are not going to put it into practice at home, but to protect a small shed or even our dog's house, I think it can work very well.

The designer's experience dictates that beer cans are the best because they don't have the sticky residue like soda cans, which you'll have to clean before use.

The instructions are not complicated, I will try to make a short summary although with the images, video and the complete manual that I share at the end of the article, you will not have any problem doing this project yourself.

To facilitate the workload, and obtain the ideal shape of the can for use as a tile, in the photos you will see that it uses a machine or mold to make the bending of the cans easier.

If the project is of your interest, you can find the complete instruction manual here:

In the video you can see a small example of this technique in action:


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