Ecuador studies producing wind turbines and photovoltaic panels

Ecuador studies producing wind turbines and photovoltaic panels

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By Public Company Petroecuador

Ecuador, in addition to its vast hydraulic potential, has great potential for generating electricity from renewable energy sources such as wind and solar radiation, among others.

Several official studies show that in the national territory the ideal conditions exist for the use of these renewable resources for the purpose of electricity generation; supplying clean energy that will contribute to the diversification of the Energy Matrix and the creation of national high-tech industries aimed at changing the Productive Matrix.

Ecuador evaluates the technical needs and capacities, socio-economic impact and the financial model to implement the sustainable use of these energy models in the country. The Basic Industries Management of EP Petroecuador carries out this study that will end in December 2015, when the evaluation of operating costs will be released.

In Ecuador we have wind and photovoltaic energy sources in Galapagos and Loja. Floreana Island has a continuous electricity service 24 hours a day, previously the supply was only 12 hours. The photovoltaic system contributes to the provision of 30% of the energy demanded on the Island.

The Loja Wind Power Plant produces 59.57 GW / year, which covers 30% of the demand in the provinces of Loja, Zamora Chinchipe and the Gualaquiza canton of Morona Santiago province.

Wind energy is obtained from the wind, that is, the kinetic energy of the wind is captured by the rotor of the wind turbine, which, thanks to its power train and electric generator, converts the mechanical energy of rotation into electricity.

On the other hand, photovoltaic energy is obtained from solar energy or solar radiation from the sun. Solar energy is received in photovoltaic panels, which, thanks to semiconductor materials, give way to the photoelectric effect, converting solar radiation into electricity.

The benefits of using wind and solar photovoltaic energy in Ecuador are the generation of clean, non-polluting electricity, creation of local jobs, technology transfer, promotion of research and development, diversification of the national energy matrix and contribution to the change of the productive matrix of Ecuador.

In Latin America, the value chains of these technologies are not fully covered by the current market players, therefore opportunities and market niches are opening for new players. The greatest potential for short-term growth in wind and solar technology in the region is held by Chile, Mexico and Brazil.

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