Fashion also thinks about the environment

Fashion also thinks about the environment

By Adriana Garavito

To create a garment, a designer evaluates options: if he will use 3D prints or patterns and also plays with cuts, shapes, colors and trends. Everything is allowed if what you are looking for is originality. But, how much does a designer think about the environment when making? I mean, are you wondering how your clothes will impact climate change? Today that is not only a valid question, but a necessary one.

And to answer it, the “Changer la mode pour le climat” has been created, a sustainable fashion meeting that will take place in Paris on December 7 and 8 within the framework of COP21. Six Peruvians will participate in it.

The designers Meche Correa -who appeared with Sumy Kujon at the 'Peru Fashion Night' in Montevideo on Thursday-, Chiara Macchiavello (Escudo brand) and Enrique Canales Delrieu, and three students: Valery Zevallos Hinojoza and Silvia Paredes Senepo, from CEAM ; and Jessica Zambrano from MAD, will each present a garment made with materials that have not been subjected to chemicals. They are organic garments in their entirety.

"The purpose is to inform the actors of the textile industry about climate change and the impact it has on it," says Jercy Gutiérrez, one of the organizers and also creative director of the Peruvian brand Evolèt.

He lived and pursued his career as a designer for many years in France, until he decided to open a store in Lima. Although he says that his idea, more than selling, was to promote Peruvian fashion and talent in the best possible ways. Thanks to his contacts, he found out about “Changer la Mode pour le Climat”, and without thinking he sought, from the hand of Mod’Image, partner of Universal Love for Latin America, a space for Peru.

“Being part of the event is not only important for the designers (who he selected based on their backgrounds), but also for the country. It is an excellent showcase ”, he confesses.

Conscious threads

In addition to the Peruvians, a group from Morocco and another from the host country will participate in the parade on December 8 at the ’Hôtel de Noirmoutier à Paris. The latter includes designer Jean-Paul Gaultier.

But a day before, talks will be held. These will talk about the importance of making sustainable and environmentally friendly garments. “It is a worldwide trend, yes; but more promotion is needed. Designers need to know that working with organic materials is not a hindrance. On the contrary, they can create very beautiful garments that also last over time, ”says Gutiérrez.

And he adds that the variety of materials is an advantage that Peru has. “We have a lot of material and it is time to exploit it. To really make it known ”. That is why it has also been in charge of our country being part of the “Paris Delices de Mode”, an event that will take place from March 2 to 4, 2016. Designers from Mexico, Colombia and Brazil and the Peruvians Meche Correa, the brand “Escudo” and Jorge Luis Salinas are already invited.

A preview

It should be noted that the garments that will be exhibited in Paris in December can be seen live. On Monday November 30, under the artistic direction of Christian Ugarte, there will be a parade and a kind of farewell party. The appointment is at the Casa del Artesano Don Bosco, in Barranco. You have to celebrate your successes.


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