Climate change, global overheating and the greenhouse defect

Climate change, global overheating and the greenhouse defect

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By Carlos Ruperto Fermín

In our magical planet, NOT all that glitters is gold, and although at first glance we are always innocent, reality is always responsible for breaking that magical fiction. It rains in the wet when the letters of wisdom collide head-on with the classic verbal violence, which never tires of offending, humiliating and mistreating the beautiful Pachamama.

We believe that environmental sustainability is only possible to achieve by showing a little love and respect for the Earth's biosphere. Hence, the practice of Conservationism guarantees the well-being of the social environment that we host, and massifies the interest of communities and their inhabitants, in achieving the preservation of natural resources, the use of renewable energy sources, and the recycling of solid waste generated daily.

But unfortunately, the mental third worldism suffered by the Modern Society of the XXI century, ruined the possibility of evolving with the eyes of the heart, and chose to regress with the bills of reason. For this reason, the human irrationality that coexists in the sun and shadow of the Universe, punishes us with a horde of very serious environmental problems, which are impossible to solve due to the poisoned retrograde brain.

The first problem is called "Climate Change", which is the direct consequence of the legendary Climate Change, seen as the accelerated variation of the Earth's climate on a regional and global scale, due to the meteorological factors present in a specific area and at a certain time. (cloudiness, rainfall, temperature).

Climate Change should not necessarily concern Humanity, because its action depends to a great extent on the celestial designs of Mother Earth. However, the systematic intervention of Man in natural geographic spaces has rudely upsetting the ecological balance of the territories.

An irrefutable proof of Climate Change is observed with the omnipresence of the El Niño phenomenon, which has become a severe headache for Latin Americans, due to a rebellion full of atmospheric instability that translates into heat, drought, rain, floods, landslides, and millionaire economic losses for farmers, ranchers and peasants.

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has already raised the warning voice for the countries of Central and South America, which should not wait for the climatic stampede to help the victims of the disaster. The El Niño phenomenon went from being an eventuality to a constant in Latin American peoples, who resent the health emergency due to the lack of access to drinking water, due to failures in the electricity supply, due to the desertification of the soils, and by the overpopulation that comes from the aggressive urban growth.

The destructive force of El Niño forced the nations of Latin America to resort to "cloud bombardment" with silver iodide, to defeat the drought that dried up water reservoirs, and complicates the supply of vital liquid. In addition, the holocaust of a hyperactive child is expected to intensify during the first half of 2016, which promises to be one of the most devastating in the last 65 years.

The second drawback is called "Global Overheating", which is the direct consequence of the legendary Global Warming, seen as the phenomenon caused by the increase in the average temperature in the Earth's atmosphere and in the oceans.

Although Global Warming is part of the cyclical planetary homeostasis, it is also evident that the degrees Celsius, the marine currents and the humidity indices on planet Earth are manifesting an abnormal climatic behavior in the four seasons of the year, overcoming the impact negative environmental caused by the contamination of Man, and entering a socio-cultural dilemma with a reserved forecast.

The tragic arrival of Global Overheating augurs a decrease in human reproductive capacity, which will impede the correct sexual development and alter the phenotypic traits of individuals, putting the survival of our species at risk. It is also warned that before the end of the 21st century, the habitability of Man in the Middle East will be impossible, because the gigantic heat wave will not allow the human body to regulate its temperature in the Persian Gulf. In parallel, it is feared that the irreversible thaw in West Antarctica, will increase the sea level by three meters, because the rate of ice melting cannot resist the warm ecocide envisioned.

The third drawback is called "Greenhouse Defect", which is the direct consequence of the legendary Greenhouse Effect, seen as the retention of toxic gases in the atmosphere, due to the exaggerated burning of fossil fuels (oil, natural gas and coal), which accumulate by the corporate cannibalism of the transnationals, and which are released in the form of Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Nitrous Oxide.

Although the Greenhouse Effect was related to the successful financial, technological and commercial globalization of planet Earth, which forced the air to be polluted to obtain products and services for sale to consumers. Over the years, it ended up being a cruel reflection of the Asian and North American anarchy, which increased the supply and demand of articles of mass consumption, at the cost of spoiling the environmental conditions of the world.

The lethal effect of the consumerist vice in the 20th century was transmuted into the Greenhouse Defect that blocked the lungs of the Earth in the 21st century, because carbon dioxide emissions increased by more than 60% since 1990, because the Radioactive forcing has increased by more than 35% since 1990, and because the depths of the Pacific Ocean have been receiving millions of tons of domestic and industrial garbage for more than 25 years, which sooner or later will release millions of tons of methane to acidify the sacred bluish spring completely.

It is obvious to say that the environmental crisis in the world, exceeded the limits of human understanding. It is very difficult to stop the vertiginous Climate Change, while it is expected to leave more than 100 million people in extreme poverty in 2030. We accelerate with the voracity of Global Overheating, which has been taking philopatry from the wonderful migratory birds. And we highlight the reddened tattoo of the angry Greenhouse Defect, which uses photochemical smog to corrupt the souls of the slaves behind the wheel.

They say that nobody knows what they have until they lose it, and we see that Humanity is turning the prophecies of the craziest scientists into the most catastrophic prelude to a death foretold.

Just remember the unforgettable American television series "Dinosaurs", which was broadcast in the early 1990s, and which portrayed in detail the environmental devastation that planet Earth would suffer. There we saw the unhealthy relationship between Earl Sinclair, who worked as a laborer in charge of felling trees, to comply with the orders imposed by the boss B.P Richfield, who was the owner of the tyrannical company "PorqueYolodigo".

Earl lived by flattering and obeying Richfield's rules, because he needed the job and the money to feed his family. But Richfield wanted to seize the material and immaterial riches of the World, and used manipulation tactics to make his wage earners comply with deforestation.

In the last chapter of the series called "Changing Nature", we could see the arbitrary vandalism of Richfield, who authorized the fumigation and slaughter of the entire squad of beetles, which every May 14 were dedicated to covering the sky with a fascinating rainbow, and they ate the endless poppy vines. Richfield decided to transform the swamp where the beetles would mate, into a gigantic factory of candied fruit with state-of-the-art technology, and forced all the vines to be exterminated with a powerful herbicide, which ended up extinguishing the native flora of the environment.

Earl didn't want to defend the beetle platoon, thinking only of debuting his new fuel-injected barbecue, drinking a beer frenzy, and being the "useful fool" who would publicly support the extermination of the vines. But after observing the bleak polluted landscape from his home window, Earl tried to convince Richfield to stop the environmental nightmare, and not declare war on almighty Nature.

However, the billionaire Richfield preferred to create artificial rain by placing bombs inside all the volcanoes in the world. Unfortunately, the volcanic eruptions did not produce the torrential natural rain that would restore the climate, and they did not help restore the food chain in the Pangea ecosystems. Instead, dense clouds of soot and sulfur formed, blocking the entry of the sun's rays, generating deadly snow that heralded the ice age.

Knowing in advance the tragic end that was coming, Earl apologized to his family for having blindly trusted technological progress, and sadly acknowledged his mistakes against Nature. While Richfield was happy and euphoric, because people mitigated the cold by buying stoves, blankets, hot chocolate, and all the products of the brand "PorqueYolodigo".

The most shocking thing was to see the reaction that Earl's youngest son called “Baby Sinclair” had, who after learning about the environmental disaster nervously asked his family And what will happen to us? No one could answer with certainty to the infant, who symbolized the latent fear of the children of planet Earth, due to the ecological irresponsibility of their parents.

In the end, Richfield played god to earn more and more money, but it was because of that terrible ambition and greed, which ended up extinguishing all the dinosaurs, and killed his own animal species.

It is clear that the perversion of the company "PorqueYolodigo" is a mirror of the string of ecocides perpetrated today by transnationals such as Monsanto, Bayer, Coca-Cola, Shell, Nestlé, Volkswagen, Chevron, McDonalds and many other corporations, which They never tire of making people sick with transgenic foods, of razing fertile hectares with the infertility of Glyphosate, of extinguishing the miraculous flight of bees, of staining the oceans with oil spills, and of drilling rocks with mining megaprojects.

No one knows how close or far we are from a sixth mass extinction, a hellish global ice age, or a solar storm of biblical proportions. The only thing we can say with complete certainty is that the middle finger of the sympathetic Aye-aye in Madagascar has already pointed out the proud Human Being as the next victim of the sinister nightly gospel.

Let's not forget that without dirt on our feet, there is no economy, no sports, no education, no health, no love and no religion. No dirt on our feet, no grocery shopping, no college classes, no movies at the cinema, no office work, and no kissing until dawn. With no dirt on our feet, there is simply NO life to live.

Dear reader and dear reader, we cannot continue to reject the great value of Conservationism, because of the television advertising bombardment, because of the corruption of the governments of the day, and because of the tremendous indifference that characterizes us. If you want to walk steadily, you must take the ecological issue seriously, and no longer live at the expense of ignorance.

Throughout the article we show that the red alert of our biological clock falls short of the psychedelic threat that planet Earth suffers. From north to south and from east to west, it is hotter in summer and colder in winter, so the Spring Waltz no longer harmonizes the music of the autumn paradise. Let's keep reading, getting informed and sharing the learning we have acquired, to build a better tomorrow in the dark horizon ahead.


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