Floating solar farm that can produce 20 tons of vegetables per day

Floating solar farm that can produce 20 tons of vegetables per day

This design is an innovative and new approach to traditional agriculture. It is a floating solar island with several farms created by Forward Thinking Architecture.

These floating farming islands work very efficiently, harvesting sunlight and rainwater, creating a sustainable environment. These floating farms can produce up to 20 tons of vegetables daily.

The great advantage of this design is that they can be built anywhere in the world, even in places that are difficult to access or not suitable for agriculture. This will encourage the locals to grow their own food and reduce the amount of imported goods, save money and give birth to a lot of new jobs.

Each module measures 200 × 350 meters and can be connected to other modules through gateways.

Each module is estimated to be able to produce 8,152 tons of vegetables and 1,703 tons of fish per year.

“Based on a floating multilayer strategy, combining aquaculture (fish), hydroponics (crops) and photovoltaics (solar energy), our goal is that these farms can be installed near areas where it is most needed and become clusters of farms automated by using the right software. "


Video: Floating farm of the future to produce 20 tons of vegetables a day. సమదర మద కరగయల సగ (August 2021).