Therapeutic forests

Therapeutic forests

Taking a "forest bath" can be a very useful recipe to combat anxiety or stress situations - nothing new so far - but scientists and doctors have proven the multiple therapeutic benefits that it can have to improve other diseases as well.

Contact with mature forests - those in which human intervention is very limited - favors an increase in anticancer proteins, strengthens the immune system, lowers adrenaline or reduces blood pressure, but has also shown its effectiveness in improving health health and wellness of fibromyalgia patients.

According to the first pilot studies, these patients (who suffer from practically chronic muscle pain and a feeling of fatigue) can reduce the days they suffer pain by half when they exercise in these natural spaces. (Photo gallery)

The first works have been carried out in Gerona, where professionals from the Santa Caterina and Josep Trueta hospitals, coordinated by the head of neurology, Secundino López, have verified the benefits that contact with centenary forests has for these patients.

Script, Voiceover and Editing: Raúl Casado (EFE Agency)
Image. Ángel Herrera (EFE Agency).
Acknowledgments: To Fundación Natura (Accionatura)

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