Ecological disaster in India: 40 dead whales found in the south of the country

Ecological disaster in India: 40 dead whales found in the south of the country

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A beach in southern India was the place where the whales were dead. The finding by the fishermen has shocked the residents of the area who do not understand why such sad news.

On Monday afternoon along 15 km of coastline near Tiruchendur in the state of Tamil Nadu, some fishermen observed something strange, so they approached the place and the images were disconcerting.

"It is something very strange, we are examining them. We found some alive, they are struggling to survive," said Raju, head of forest services in the region, according to Andina.

Although the residents of the area tried to return them to the sea, all to no avail. The whales were left stranded by the sea.

The same residents reported the event to the authorities while waiting for an analysis that may contribute to doubts regarding the massive death of cetaceans.

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