They tour Latin America in a vintage car

They tour Latin America in a vintage car

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Micaela Bedano, of Spanish origin and raised in Córdoba, and Facundo Properzi, a native of Santa Fe, met at the Cordoba faculty and automatically their traveling spirits intertwined.

Therefore, in 2011 they decided to go on a dream trip. With the freedom of not having a return date, the travelers traveled in five years 16 countries in America and reaped many friendships and unmatched experiences.

“A tourist has a parenthesis in his life. He takes a journey with a beginning and an end. Being a traveler is something else. It is a way of life that we go out to discover ”, expressed the young people.

The "Citronautas de América Mestiza" came to Mexico overcoming the technical obstacles of the vehicle and paying their expenses with new learning.

Now is the time to return to Córdoba, the place where everything was born, to reaffirm that every dream is possible to fulfill.

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