Recovering the landscape is the key against climate change

Recovering the landscape is the key against climate change

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The repopulation of forests and the restoration of wetlands are key mechanisms in the fight against the effects of climate change, according to the annual report presented today by the Sustainability Observatory.

The study, entitled "Climate Change in Spain: evidence, emissions and policies", also advises to take advantage of nature's own mechanisms to combat the lack of rain and thus preserve the natural cycles of ecosystems.

Raúl Estévez, one of the authors of the report, explained that these mechanisms occur through the maintenance of a “green infrastructure”, which includes the conservation of the habitats of the Natura 2000 Network, the traditional agricultural areas and the urban areas that they adopt good practices in “ecological interconnection”.

The text reveals that in the last forty years changes in land occupation in wetlands, irrigation and vegetable gardens caused less transpiration of steam that contributed to the “acceleration of climatic modification”.

The authors of the report - engineers, economists, ecologists, sociologists and geographers - believe that there is a dialectic between ecology and economics because of the carbon dioxide emissions linked to production, and they urge the Government to "avoid contradictory policies" and eliminate harmful subsidies for the environment, such as those for fossil fuels or oil companies.

In addition, they propose to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the energy and transport sectors, involve public administrations to promote mitigation and awareness plans and move towards an economic model "more respectful of the environment." EFEverde

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