Stihl chainsaws out of the jungle

Stihl chainsaws out of the jungle

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The Sungai Lijan River in Sarawak serves as a lookout point overlooking the destruction of the rainforest. "Isotimber has cut down trees without permission," says Sandak Mandang of the Iban indigenous people, "from here we kicked out Isotimber loggers in 2014." With a small boat he takes us to where a dusty track runs through the water. It stretches for many kilometers through the jungle. Now the local inhabitants denounce the participation of KTS in Isotimber before the court. "We are going to win the fight for our jungle," says Matek Geram of the indigenous organization SADIA.

Also in the valuable peat forests KTS leaves a trace of desertification. Subsidiary Bintulu Lumber Development BLD has cleared up to 14,000 hectares for palm plantations, where rare proboscis monkeys live. Inhabitants of the Kampung Tutus communities denounce the company and reproach it for cutting down their land and establishing plantations without permission.

Stihl and KTS

Company patriarch Hans Peter Stihl posed in 2012 for the Borneo Post newspaper, which is also owned by KTS, with KTS Dato boss Henry Lau. The entrepreneurs praised the close collaboration that has existed for 44 years. "During the common path to success a friendship has blossomed," writes the journal.

From the long personal friendship between Stihl and KTS it is hard to imagine that they were unaware of his involvement in the destruction of the forest.

Stihl must then do everything possible to prevent the destruction of the jungle. Stihl must terminate all business relationships with KTS and similar companies.

Please sign the petition to Stihl.

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Save the jungle

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