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The Heinrich Böll Foundation in Mexico presents the “Frack it!” Application, a game that informs about fracking processes and the impacts and risks it has for the environment and health. Through mini-games, information cards and a quiz you will learn in a fun way what each step of the extraction of gas that is trapped in rocks at great depths of the subsoil consists of and how it affects communities. Download it for free in the Android and iOS stores.

Research and content: Caroline Schroeder, Dolores Rojas
Design and Creative Direction: Jorge Aurelio Alvarez Yañez
Programming: Diana Karina Ortiz Molina, Juan Carlos Vargas Martínez
Programming assistance: Jonathan Mauricio Montaño Palencia
Design and Sound: Jaime Hiram Cuevas Flores
We are grateful for the support of: Roberto Ochandio, Eduardo D’Elia, Sabeth Bayer, Phillip Groos


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