Nobel of Medicine: ¨The Drug that Cures is not profitable for pharmaceutical companies¨

Nobel of Medicine: ¨The Drug that Cures is not profitable for pharmaceutical companies¨

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"Drugs that cure are not profitable and that is why they are not developed by pharmaceutical companies, which, on the other hand, do develop chronifying drugs that are consumed in a serialized way," said Roberts in an interview with the digital magazine ‘PijamaSurf’.

“Some drugs that could completely cure a disease are not investigated. To what extent is it valid that the health industry is governed by the same values ​​and principles as the capitalist market, which come to look a lot like the mafia?

The scientist and researcher accuses pharmaceutical companies of forgetting to serve people and worrying only about financial profitability. "I have seen how in some cases privately funded researchers could have discovered very effective drugs that would have completely killed a disease," he explained.

He adds that companies stop researching because “they are not so interested in curing you as they are in getting money from you, so that research is suddenly diverted towards the discovery of medicines that do not cure completely, but rather make the disease chronic and they make you experience an improvement that disappears when you stop taking the medicine ”.

Given this, he points out that it is common for the industry to be interested in lines of research, not to seek cures for certain diseases, but "only to chronify ailments with chronifying drugs that are much more profitable than those that cure completely and once and for all. ”.

Regarding the reasons why politicians do not intervene, Roberts argues that “in our system, politicians are mere employees of big capital, who invest what is necessary to get their boys elected, and if they do not come out, they buy from those who are chosen ”.

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