Little space in the city ?: 7 ideas to build vertical gardens with reused materials

Little space in the city ?: 7 ideas to build vertical gardens with reused materials

Also, on the same area where you could plant just one plant, you can have hundreds!

Look at the following ideas, many of them with reusable materials and choose the most suitable for you.

1. Trellis with pots

If you have a grid with small holes on your balcony, you can hang all the pots you want from it. But also, you can place a trellis on a free wall, as in this case, simply to be able to take advantage of that space by hanging pots with your favorite plants.

2. Wood planks

To make your vertical flowerbed much more beautiful, you can cover it with openwork boards and plant something different in each space.

3. Stepped garden

If you have time to build this simple structure, like a ladder, you can then put plastic pots in it, the kind you get in any nursery and have this beautiful vertical garden.

4. Ladder

You don't need to spend money or think too much. A simple ladder with some pots made by yourself with what you have in your house can be great in your garden.

5. Cloth bags

Cloth bags purchased, recycled, or made by yourself are always a great option to plant vertically in a practical way and in a small space.

6. Cylindrical garden in openwork bucket

This garden is made with a bucket in which grommets are cut making horizontal cuts. The best thing about this idea is that you can install a perforated tube inside it to turn it into a practical irrigation system.

7. Reuse!

You can use any structure you have in your house, and take advantage of it to build flower beds or hang pots: the back of an old bed, a ladder, or whatever you want!

Cover photo: vertical garden built with PVC pipes


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