The ten worst foods you can eat

The ten worst foods you can eat

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This list is completed by processed foods, fast food, canned foods, pesticide-laced vegetables, table salt, wheat, and industrial pastries. If you want to know how they harm your health, read below:

1. Industrial bakery: very caloric, not very nutritious, it promotes obesity and can be addictive.

2. Processed foods: high in sugar, salt and fat, as well as flavorings and preservatives.

3. Packaged fruit juices: they include sugar, water, and artificial flavor. If it is natural juice, it has lost part of its vitamins.

4. Yellow dye or tartrazine: it can cause spasmodic cough, asthma attacks, allergic rhinitis, itching, insomnia and hyperactivity.

5. Fast food: low nutritional intake and high content of fat, calories and sodium.

6. Soft drinks: they are high in sugar and their abuse can lead to diabetes.

7. Canned foods: the interior is coated with epoxy resins that release BPA (bisphenol A) and can cause sexual malformations.

8. Fruits and vegetables with pesticides: we must peel them and wash them well or acquire them organic, especially if they are consumed raw.

9. Common salt or table salt: it contains only sodium chloride (sometimes iodine and fluorine), instead of the 84 elements in sea salt.

10. Wheat: current hybrids are more resistant, but seem to generate intolerance to bread.


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