All life on Earth is in danger from Electromagnetic Fields

All life on Earth is in danger from Electromagnetic Fields

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EuroScience has faced a great deal of criticism from its more controversial methods, such as mind control studies, and a host of other questionable practices. However, a neuroscientist from Sweden is willing to go face the cameras and say that there are dangers in the Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) that surround every living thing on this planet.

We should think of our world as an "electromagnetic soup": this soup is filled with radio frequencies, electrical pulses, cell phones, wireless signals, computer screens, and a host of other things that emit radiation. This is particularly dangerous for pregnant women and young children.

Recently, the Department of the Interior sent a letter to the FCC regarding the FCC's practices. The FCC has been measuring EMF activity using methods that are at least thirty years old. The DOI is very concerned that they are using standards that are far behind. Technology has grown by leaps and bounds in the last thirty years. We use more electronics than ever. It is time for the FCC to update its rules to determine to what extent EMFs are harming our planet and the living things that inhabit it. With all the electromagnetic energy that we are generating, there is great concern for all human beings, animals and plants.

The neurologist mentioned above is Dr. Olle Johnannson. Dr. Johansson is associate professor at the Karolinska Institure in Stockholm, Sweden. We must listen to what he tells us, what are the problems that surround sound EMFs; It also shows us how there is a wide generation of electromagnetic fields that cover the planet and all its risks. Johannsson came to the same conclusion as a group of scientists in Maine: There is not enough leverage to push to make the "bad guy" disappear from the industry.

Filmed during a seminar on Environment and Health (in Barcelona, ​​Spain), Dr. Johansson explains to us what we must do to protect ourselves, our animals, plants, and our planet, from electromagnetic fields. Speaking to medical professionals, as well as those who are willing to listen, this presentation is simple, logical, and easy to understand. Pay close attention to the opening sequence, in which he tells a cover story of all the negative health effects of known electromagnetic fields.

Dr. Johansson says that all people have some sensitivity to electromagnetic fields. He compares our life in this electromagnetic soup to the Fukushima radiation leak. We are harming ourselves completely, down to our DNA.

According to Professor Johansson, electromagnetic fields have a direct link to allergies, and people who consume a large number of electronic devices should see if there is any correlation between their allergies and their use of electronics.

Professor Johnasson is a concerned scientist, who wants to start the debate on the effects of electromagnetic fields and the studies he cites. It is time to get the world to start talking about this problem. And it is time for scientists around the world to come together, to find a way to combat these unhealthy effects of electromagnetic fields, which are highly

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