The "Ugly Fruits" have the right to be sold just like the others


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Previously, city regulations prohibited the sale of products with "abnormal physical characteristics," but Agriculture Minister Pierre Paradis says those regulations are no longer relevant and that this change will better meet consumer demand.

"Everyone wins," said Paradis. "The businesses will be able to diversify their offer, the farms will be able to sell a greater quantity of harvest and the consumer will have more variety of foods to choose from."

Food policy expert Sylvain Charlebois says that eliminating regulations against "deformed" products shows that the world and the market are maturing and "opening up."

It is estimated that 10% of vegetable and fruit products are discarded in the field for "being very ugly", according to a study by the Value Chain Management Center, carried out in 2010.

Now that will change and the world will have less wasted food. Quebec, a true example to follow!

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