Chayote or potato of the air, nutritious and easy to grow

Chayote or potato of the air, nutritious and easy to grow

It is our obligation to spread it and collaborate to make it known. Its properties are favorable, in addition to having few calories.

They call it chayote and (Sechium edule) but it is known by several names including papa del aire and Chuchu.

Let's agree that it is not well known, therefore getting it is difficult since it is for sale in very few places.

It is easy to grow and in itself is a very beautiful plant since in the development season, spring and summer, it uses guides that can measure up to 6 meters long.

These guides, in summer, are filled with large rough leaves with a heart shape and their size can reach up to 15cm. This gives the possibility of covering a surface quickly, whether it is a wall or a patio where we need shade, forming a gazebo.

It is beautiful to see the shadow that it casts once the surface is covered and it is very pleasant to see the rays of light that appear through it.

Autumn is the time of the fruit, it produces beautiful fruits whose size is not small, weighing an average of 500 grams each. They must be supported by an appropriate frame where their guides can rest.

Since the fruit is heavy, the plant must be preserved by placing the guides on a secure structure that can support the weight of the fruit belonging to the harvest provided by each guide.

There are several varieties so according to its variety it is its green color, which can be more intense or softer. Although there are also white and yellow skinned air potatoes. It has a white pulp, with a very rich flavor and few calories.

It is rich in fiber, vitamin C and low in sodium and calories. It has a lot of water and is diuretic. Each 100 grams of its fruit provides only 22 calories.

It is good for diabetic people as it activates circulation, and effective in stomach diseases.

Being able to use to make varied dishes

It is a perennial plant whose leaves fall and are renewed once a year.

Its fruit is rounded and has its appearance, similar to the fruit of the avocado.

Its flavor is mild and somewhat sweet at the same time. Like the avocado, it has a pit in the middle or pit of considerable size and is edible like its entire plant.

This pit or bone constitutes the seed of the plant

It is planted in the autumn so that its first shoots appear in the spring. It is simple without great care.

Those who know about this topic say that the ideal month to plant Chayotes is in August because it will sprout more strongly in September.

You have to choose a sunny place and think that it is a large plant when its guides extend, therefore it requires space.

The common way of planting it is with the whole fruit and the plant will emerge from within the fruit itself from its seed.

Once the place to plant it has been chosen, a small well will be made and fertile soil or good quality compost will be placed in it.

Half of the fruit will rest in a horizontal position.

Once supported, it will lean slightly with the most rounded part down and the stem up.

Only half of the fruit will be covered with soil. Once your first guide begins to appear, you have to think about putting a fabric or a wire in a grid form so that it becomes entangled and supported by it.

Once the guide has reached one meter in length it will start to come out from this, another guide and so on.

When seeing it grow, it must be present in us that each guide will have to bear many kilos of air potatoes or Chayotes.

As it grows we will help it to get tangled in the wire. We take its tip and weave it carefully into the frame without having to tie it. During the night hours, she will accommodate herself. Failure to help her tends to go up

It does not need much water, but logically if there is no rain it will be resorted to a light watering of its roots from time to time.

In hot summer weather, you will be given water. During the hours of intense sun the leaves as a defense close so as not to become totally dehydrated. Once the sun goes down, its foliage can be watered and wet to restore its natural strength.

It is used in the kitchen preparing itself in various ways, the main point is to know that it exists, that it is good and that it is one more door of food without great sacrifices.

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