They develop a home filter to remove arsenic and heavy metals from water

They develop a home filter to remove arsenic and heavy metals from water

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The World Health Organization (WHO) warns that "prolonged exposure to arsenic through consumption of contaminated food and water can cause cancer and skin lesions. It has also been associated with developmental problems, cardiovascular disease, neurotoxicity and diabetes."

Chronic endemic regional hydroarsenicism (Hacre) is a pathology that especially affects inhabitants of northern Argentina, including the provinces of Santiago del Estero and Chaco, as a consequence of the ingestion of well water with arsenic content higher than the maximum compatible with the potability criterion determined by the WHO (up to 0.05 mg per liter).

In addition to analyzing how to clean up the Riachuelo, Ferrari and his team worked on developing a filter that, with a series of formulas with reconditioned minerals, removes arsenic but maintains beneficial elements for the body, such as salts. It is a combined filtration and absorption process, which removes arsenic by 99% and removes bacteria, turbidity and up to 80% of harmful products, with equipment prepared to produce up to six liters of safe water per hour.

In 2012, eight community plants were installed, each with the capacity to supply 1,000 people, in five towns in the Chaco, all near the Impenetrable. It was about the Agua Segura project, which was financed by the national State. Each plant cost about a million pesos.

"The problem was that people had to go to the plants with their cans and take them home. That was hard for them, so they used it less and less," Ferrari described. That's why they worked on something smaller, they managed to miniaturize it and put together house plants. "People bring water from a well, from a stream, from rain, from wherever, they pass it through this system and they can drink it without problems. It is a kind of dispenser," explained the group

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